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Philip Coane Associate Director of Operations
Director of COES Research Facilities
Ji Fang Senior Research Engineer
Alfred Gunasekaran Assistant Professor Research
John McDonald Research Engineer
Donald Tatum Specialized Technician
Debbie Wood Specialized Technician

Philip Coane

Philip Coane
Associate Director of Operations
Director of COES Research Facilities

Office:  IfM 215
Phone:  318/257-5108
Fax:     318/257-5104

Specialization:  Electron Beam, X-Ray and Photo Lithography, MEMS Fabrication Processes, and Metrology.

Contact Person for questions regarding:
IfM Facility Operations and
COES Research Facilities. Responsibilities include all COES research facilities, including the new BME building (construction phase, lab set-up, etc.).  Oversee IfM operations and facilities team with the added operations of CyBERS, CAPS, TTC, etc. The IfM Facilities Team will be called on from time to time to support the needs of these other facilities.

Brief Bio:
ASc in electronics engineering
Los Angeles Pierce College
BS in Physics
California State University, Northridge
Plus many years of industrial research and project management experience.

Ji Fang

Ji Fang
Senior Research Engineer

Office:  IfM 118
Phone:  318.257.5111
Fax:     318.257.5104

Specialization:  Nano- and micro-fabrication process, device design and system integration.  Microfluidic system Microreactor and Total analytical system on a Chip.  

Alfred Gunasekaran Alfred Gunasekaran, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Research

Office:  IfM 114
Phone:  318.257.5115
Fax:     318.257.5104

Specialization:  Fabrication and characterization of ferroelectric and superconducting thin film materials by Pulsed Laser Deposition, Laser Chemical Vapor Deposition as well as Solid State Synthesis of novel materials.  Fabrication of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) involving the utilization of various processes such as thin film deposition, UV and X-ray lithography, surface micromachining, and electroplating.

John McDonald
John McDonald, Ph.D.
Research Engineer

Office:  IfM 209
Phone:  318.257.5105
Fax:     318.257.5104

Specialization:  Process Development, PECVD, LPCVD, and Chemical Safety.

Donald Tatum

Donald Tatum
Specialized Technician

Office:  IfM 120
Phone:  318.257.5114
Fax:     318.257.5104

Specialization:  Hot Embossing, Thin Film Deposition, Electronic Design & Fabrication, and Electronics Trouble Shooting.

Debbie Wood

Debbie Wood
Specialized Technician

Office:  IfM 117
Phone:  318.257.5116
Fax:     318.257.5104

Specialization:  Maintain, repair, and assist in the development of fabrication processes related to IfM/BEC research activities; Assist in laboratory development for MEMS courses; Assist in daily operations of IfM laboratory facilities; Monitoring of BEC RO water system, IfM DI water system, Atlas Copco/exhaust system, and IfM/BEC liquid nitrogen and ordering; Security System maintenance and scheduling with CenturyLink; Machine shop tasks; Assist with cleaning and set up of conferences and events; and Closely coordinate efforts with other personnel, as necessary.

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