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Louisiana Tech University President Dan Reneau

One of Louisiana Tech University's greatest strengths is that it has never been an institution that has rested on its accomplishments.

Our University prides itself on its ability to continually share a vision for the future with its constituents and then commit itself to the fulfillment of that vision.

Throughout my 22 years as Louisiana Tech president, I have had the privilege of seeing our campus community, economic and business partners, and community leaders come together as one to accomplish more than would ever have been possible individually. This enthusiasm for working together has become the basis for our success as an institution and our contributions to creating a stronger and more prosperous Louisiana.

Without action, there is no reaction, and it's clear that our actions have become a driving force in the economic and community growth of our region.

Louisiana Tech University's vision is an ambitious one and there is still much that we are striving to achieve.

The future success of our University and our region is built on strengthening our existing partnerships with community and business leaders, while seeking to develop new relationships with professionals and organizations coming into our state.

A good university will use its intellectual and innovative strengths for the betterment of the institution. A great university uses these assets for the betterment of us all. Once again, Louisiana Tech is leading the way in innovation productivity and delivering new ideas to the region. Our University continues to disclose inventions at five times the national average and works to commercialize these new technologies to get them into the marketplace where they can help stimulate the local economy.

Wyly Tower of LearningAbove all, Louisiana Tech University is committed to producing the state's most highly qualified graduates who are prepared to serve as leaders in every industry and in all parts of the world. Graduates leave our campus with educational experiences that extend far beyond the walls of the classroom, opportunities to excel in their personal and professional lives, and relationships that endure long after commencement.

Our success and contributions to Louisiana are the direct result of a commitment to our mission and our belief that we hold the key to enhancing the quality of life for all Louisianans. To that end, we will continue to provide strength and leadership to all of Louisiana.

Our pursuit of excellence is unwavering, our commitment to community is unrivaled, and our passion for discovery is unmatched.
This is our Louisiana Tech University.
Daniel D. Reneau




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