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  Who our graduates are

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Click on a graduate's name to find out what he or she is doing. 


Tina Marie Alvarenga
Casey Ardoin
Taylor Aswell
Amaris Bailey
Donyelle Davis
Ka'Britney Forch
Angela Groce
Heather Hawley
Cassidy Carson Lynch

Meredith Maines
David McGuirt
Kevin Sims


Sapphira Brown
Maggie Bullock

Danielle Cintron
Ben Corda
Jessica Cassels Darden
Ashley Dison
Kat Duncan

Hayden Haynes
Samantha Horn Taylor

Eboni Jaggers
Emily LaFleur
Crystal McCants

Taylor Stephens
Lance Traweek


Naomi Allison
Amrit Awal
Sarah Brown

Kelly Belton Ducote
Justin Fort
Amber Guyotte

Amy Olita
Amie Rolland
Anna Claire Thomas

Robert Wilson


Zach Beaird
Sherelle Black
Patrick Boyd
Mel Grajek

Alwayne Green
Reina Kempt
Natalie McElwee