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Where our graduates are and what they are doing... M-Q

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Cindy Mack (1976) teaches kindergarten at A.C. Steere Elementary. She lives in Shreveport, La. (07.18.08)

Ruth Anne Lipka Maddox (1986) is deceased. She was a general assignment reporter for the Shakopee Valley News in Shakopee, Minn. (11.14.08)

Beth Andrews Magee (1966) is retired. She lives in Tallahasee, Fla.

Kelly Magee (1990) is director of public relations for the Monroe (La.) City School Board.

Peter Main (1977) is principal communications consultant with AEP Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO). He, his wife, Cindy, and their three sons, Jonathan, Spencer and Michael, live in Fayetteville, Ark. (3/2/07)

Meredith Maines (2010) is the social media coordinator ELS Language Centers. She lives in Princeton, N.J. (01.14.11)

Helen Mann (1987) is a partner in a paralegal group, Lawrence Mann Paralegal Solutions, in Hattiesburg, Miss. (02.21.08)

Tomekia Manning (1994) is a reporter for KTAL-TV, Channel 6, in Shreveport, La.

Natalie Marionneaux (1991) is a freelance photographer Chicago, Ill. (11/09/07)

Stephen Marquess (1983) is a sales representative for DuPont. He lives in Newark, Del.

JJ Marshall (2008) lives in New Orleans, where he is a copy editor for Momma Tried magazine and freelances. (08.22.14)

John James Marshall (1981)  is alumni and communications director at Loyola College Prep in Shreveport. He is also co-host of "Unscripted," a nightly TV show on KSHV-TV. He lives in Shreveport. He and his wife Lori have three children (two are Tech journalism products). (04.29.11)

Jordan Marshall (2006) -- See Jordan Marshall Harris.

Addie Martin (2014) is engaged to Tim Peirce. She lives in Nashville, Tenn. (01.09.15)

Buddy Martin (1943) is retired. He lives in Delhi, La. (7/7/05)

Claire Martin -- See Claire Martin Carley.

Jay Martin (1985) is a page designer with The Advocate. He lives in Baton Rouge, La.

Leslie Martin -- See Leslie Martin Young.

Linda Martin (1998) -- Linda Martin Bradshaw.

As a standards architect at Sun Microsystems, Monica Martin (1980) is active in the emerging technology arena of business process, choreography and collaboration. She works closely with standards bodies, consortia, vertical industry players and technology leaders worldwide. She lives in Enterprise, Ore. (7/12/05)

Maria Martinez (1986) is a graphic designer and journalist. She lives in Waukesha, Wisc.

Corky Marvin (1950) died April 27, 2003.

Leon Marx (1948) is deceased.

Ky Mason (1979) has been working in advertising and publishing since graduation. She worked for J. Walter Thompson, USA on the 8th District U.S.M.C. account and numerous social services agencies before founding her own agency, MASON Communications, in 1992. After living in New Orleans for more than 20 years, she has recently returned to her hometown of Shreveport, La. (1/20/04)

Dave Mathews (1997) is managing editor of The Baytown Sun in Baytown, Texas. (09.18.09)

Elizabeth Mathews -- See Elizabeth Matthews Clayton.

Arthur Matthews died in January 2003.

Chantele Smith Maxey (1990) is a crime victim advocate for the 3rd Judicial District Attorney's Office in Union Parish. She and her husband, Audie, have a daughter, Aubrey, born Sept. 11, 2001. They live in Marion, La. (10/2/03)

Roger Maxfield (1974) is a purchasing and warehouse manager. He lives in Benson, Ariz. (8/31/05)

Jeffery May (1991) is a sales representative for Parker Wholesale Paper Company. He lives in Bastrop, La.

William Mayer (1974) is work leader-manufacturing for Dutch Quality House. He lives in Bossier City, La.

Brian McCallum (1988) is sports writer for Florida Today in Melbourne, Fla. (7/16/07)

Leesa Tilley McCarley (1980) owns Lafitte's-Ruston Development Center. She lives in Ruston, La.

Ann McCartney -- See Ann McCartney Bortz.

April Prince McCartney (2000) --   is self-employed as a research/leasing assistant in the oil and gas business. She is married to Cameron McCartney. They currently reside in Lubbock, Texas. (01.14.11)

Byron McCauley (1987) is a member of the The Cinncinnati Enquirer's Editorial Board Cincinnati, Ohio. He and his wife, Jill, have three daughters, Loren, Simone Nicole, and Laila. (05.22.15)

Charles R. McCauley (1975) is assistant city editor of The Birmingham (Ala.) News. (10/11/02)

Melissa McCollister -- See Melissa McCollister Tucker.

Bret H. McCormick (2005) is a producer at The (Alexandria) Town Talk and Gannett Louisiana. He and his wife Elizabeth live in Alexandria with their three dogs and two cats. (06.26.15)

Katy Griffin McCown (2002) and her husband, Luke, have four children: Annah (born Nov. 24, 2010), Micah (born June 1, 2009), Elijah (born April 27, 2007), and Jonah (born June 11, 2005). Luke plays for the Atlanta Falcons. Katy freelances on the side. (10.26.12)

Sondra McCrary -- See Sondra McCrary Clark.

Beverly McCutcheon (2003) is webmaster for in Monroe, La. (10/17/03)

Judith McDaniel -- See Judith McDaniel Roberts.

Joyce Anderson McDonald (1954) lives in Anaheim, Calif.

Vicki McDuffie -- See Vicki McDuffie Ferrara.

Kim McFarland -- See Kim McFarland Roberts.

Barbara Ward McGuire (1993) is a teacher and yearbook adviser at Caddo Magnet High School. She and her husband, Brad, live in Benton, La. They have two daughters, Sadie and Morgan. (7/23/03)

David McGuirt (2010) is a business development officer at ChapterSpot, a tech start up in New Orleans that provides a full suite of operation management tools to member based organizations. (06.06.14)

Macie McInnis (1988) -- See Macie McInnis Jepson.

Joanna McIntyre (2006) -- See Joanna McIntyre Dugdale.

Bob McKinney (1980) is senior vice president and counsel for First Tennessee Bank and a weekly columnist for Brentwood Home Page. He lives in Brentwood, Tenn. (07.08.11)

Rebecca McKneely -- See Rebecca McKneely Hogg.

Jerry McLeod (1985) is a copy editor for the Times-Picayune in New Orleans, La.

Neil Melancon (1995) is general manager of the LFB Radio Network and Webmaster for the Louisiana Farm Bureau. He also writes and produces that organization's weekly television show and is an adjunct faculty member at Tulane University. He lives in Baton Rouge and has completed his thesis for his master's degree in mass communication at LSU. He married Sherry Renee Holmes in August of 2006. (04.24.09)

Marie Melendez (1985) is sales and marketing manager for Ultra Diapers. She lives in San Juan, P.R.

Melissa Melton -- See Melissa Melton Milner.

Scott Meriedth (1995) lives in Bryant, Ark.

Lisa Merrill (1987) is an attorney with Haynes & Boone LLP. She lives in Austin, Texas.

Debra Rogers Merritt (1980) lives in Vidalia and is the executive director for Hunters for the Hungry of Louisiana, a non-profit organization which provides statewide stewpots, shelters, and food banks with excess wild game and funding for supplies. She is married to Cliff Merritt, who is a 1980 Tech forestry graduate and an '81 Tech MBA grad. Cliff is president and CEO of Delta Bank in Vidalia, Tallulah, Ferriday, and Lake Providence. He serves on the Tech Alumni Board and the Tech College of Administration and Business Alumni Board. They have two children, Katie, 22, who is a student at LSU, and Jessie, a Tech sophomore and a Regal Blues Dance Team member. (06.27.08)

Terry Kizer Merryman (1971) heads the marketing effort for Innovative Emergency Management, Inc. in Baton Rouge. IEM is an international consulting firm providing information technology, business process reorganization and risk management services in the area of emergency preparedness. IEM clients include the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (9/2/03)

Rindy Metcalf -- See Rindy Metcalf Swafford.

Valerie Metrejean (2007) -- See Valerie Metrejean Woerner.

Stephanie Meyer (2001) teaches at Haughton High School. She lives in Shreveport, La. (8/20/03)

Erin Hopkins Michels (2005) works as a florist at Twin Oaks Nursery in Ruston, La., and is an event planner on the side. She and her husband, Carl live in Ruston. They were married May 27, 2006, and their son, Adam, was born Oct. 21, 2009. (10.30.09)

Virginia Foster Mickel (1947) is retired. She lives in Austin, Texas.

Candace Miers (2007) -- See Candace Miers Bowen.

Amber Miles (2005) is the head softball coach at Darton State College and lives in Albany, Ga. She received her master's degree in counseling from Tech in February 2011. (09.05.14)

Donna Tettleton Miller (1974) lives in Marion, La.

Jennifer Mills (2002) is a reporter with the Ennis Daily News in Ennis, Texas. (11/8/02)

Melissa Melton Milner  (2003) is living in Germany and working for US Air Forces in Europe. (05.21.10)

Josh Milton (2006) is a landman at Twin Cities Development, which leases mineral rights to produce the natural gas with Chesapeake Energy, in Shreveport. (10.24.08)

Earnest Mims (1983) has lived in Chicago, Ill the past 12 years. He is currently working as the executive assistant to the senior vice president of communications at The Boeing Company. (6/28/06)

Greg Mitchell (1981) is a collector for Lobo Finance. He lives in Dallas, Texas.

David Mitchell (1979) is an abstractor with the Mitchell Co. He lives in Shreveport, La. (7/24/03)

Kimi Mittleman (1979) lives in New York City, N.Y.

Rebecca Young Mixon  (1994)  is director of grant development and community benefits for St. Francis Medical Center in Monroe, La. She and her husband Randall have two daughters -- Sarah Noelle, born December 28, 2006, and Aubrey Julieanne, born August 13, 2009.(05.07.10) 

Wendy Lemasters Modica (1995) is a pharmaceutical sales rep for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals (Legacy Wyeth) and has been since 2002. She is married to Tony Modica, and they have three children: Katie, Tyler, and Anthony. They live in Baton Rouge. (04.29.11)

Rana Mohammadian (2002) is a policy service analyst for United Healthcare Student Resources in St. Petersburg, Fla. She has also found her passion in photography and started r.m.fotography in St. Petersburg, where she specializes in children's, wedding and portrait photography. Her Web site is She is engaged to Danny Tierney. (08.24.12)

Christian Moises (2003) is the marketing and business development coordinator at Phelps Dunbar LLC. He is married to Stephanie Gravener. (05.29.15)

Byron Moore (1981) is a certified financial planner with Argent Advisors Inc. His Web page on the Argent site can be found here. He lives in Ruston.

Grace Moore (2014) is manager at Portrait Innovations in Waterloo, Iowa. (04.24.15)

Sharon Moore -- See Sharon Moore Shaw.

Vickey Moore (1975) is the program director for Volunteers of America Baton Rouge Youth. She lives in Baton Rouge. (10.12.12)

Tammy Nassif Moreau (1981) is a program officer for The Rapides Foundation. She lives in Alexandria. (10/19/07)

Michael Moritz (1975) is an investment executive with Legg Mason Wood Walker Inc. He lives in Shreveport, La.

Tom Morris (1976) has joined the Monroe, La., office of Aflac Insurance as a sales associate. He retired at the end of 2012 after serving 18 years as executive director of the Boys & Girls Club of West Monroe. Morris has managed the website since 2006. And, has contributed Tech sports photos to area newspapers and other media. While serving as a contributing photographer for The Ruston Daily Leader, he won third place in the Pro College/Open division in the 2006 Louisiana Sports Writers Association writing contest for his action shot of former Louisiana Tech University wide receiver Johnathan Holland making a leaping, one-handed touchdown catch. (05.09.14)

Kathy Morrow -- See Kathy Morrow Spurlock.

Whitney Mosley (1999) lives in Little Rock, Ark.

Joel Mullen (1970) lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Robert Munson (2000) operates The Munson Group, a public positioning firm based in Baton Rouge, La. The company specializes in developing and executing communication and media strategies for political candidates and committees, associations, corporations and government entities. He and his wife, Sarah, live in Baton Rouge. (10/14/03)

Katherine Murad (1986) works for Southside State Bank. She lives in Tyler, Texas.

David Murimi (2007) is a legislative aide for Congressman Marion Berry in Washington, D.C. He formerly was a reporter for KNOE News. (06.11.10)

Diana Murphy (1990) is marketing coordinator for klipp Architecture in Denver, Colo. She lives in Denver with her daughter, Emma; border collie, Rex; and cats, Thao, Fred and Grace. (7/17/07)

Tom Murphy (1986) is a sports reporter covering the Alabama beat for the Mobile Register. (5/10/04)

David Myers (1987) is a police officer in Houston, Texas. He lives in Katy, Texas. (7/31/03)

Nicole Broussard Napoli (2004) is media relations senior specialist at the American College of Cardiology in Washington, D.C. She and her husband, Matt, live in Alexandria, Va. Their daughter, Eleanor Marie Napoli, was born June 15, 2011, and their second daughter, Abigail Margaret, was born Nov. 13, 2014. (01.16.15)

Tiffany Napper (2001) has accepted a position with Yamaha Corporate Artist Affairs, Inc., as the PR/media relations coordinator in Franklin, Tenn. Napper lives in Nashville. (7/12/07)

Amanda Nappier (1987) works in education as an area manager for the Success for All Foundation Inc. She lives in Toledo, Ohio. (12/2/03)

Denita Nash (1995) is a copy editor with The Virginian-Pilot in Norfolk, Va. The paper serves the Hampton Roads area, including Virginia Beach and Newport News. (10/18/06)

Mary Nash (2008) -- See Mary Nash Wood.

Tammy Nassif -- See Tammy Nassif Moreau.

Tracy Neal (1987) lives in Bastrop, La.

Cathey Venus Nelson (1978) lives in Lithonia, Ga.

Emily Scalfano Nelson (2003) -- is a registered nurse in the Intensive Care Unit at Christus St. Frances Cabrini Hospital in Alexandria. (09.13.13)

Frankie Paul Nelson (1980) died May 10, 2009. He was a captain with the Shreveport Fire Department. (02.17.12)

Stanley Nelson (1977) is the editor of The Concordia Sentinel in Ferriday, La. He received the 2011 Payne Award for Ethics in Journalism and was named the first recipient of the LSU Manship School of Mass Communication’s Courage and Justice Award. He lives on the family farm along the Tensas River in Catahoula Parish. (04.29.11)

Tierra Nelson (2014) is platoon leader and flies for the National Guard. She also freelances. (05.30.14)

Stephanie Netherton (2003) -- See Stephanie Netherton Jordan.

Lori New -- See Lori New Shefa.

Cascille Trussell Newcomer (1947) is retired. (4/12/06)

Debbie Newman (1976) is office manager at Schnitzer Steel in Oregon. She also has a second profession as a stand-up comedian, doing monthly shows at a dinner theater. She lives in Eugene, Ore. (8/20/03)

Heather Harper Newton (2002) is a contributing editor for SB Magazine in Shreveport, La. She and her husband, Michael, live in Shreveport. (1/28/03)

Christina Branch Nguyen (2003) is marketing coordinator for CenturyTel. She has been married since 2003, and she and her husband had a baby, Tanner, in August 2005. They live in Ruston, La., but plan to move to Farmerville, La., by summer 2007. (4/30/07)

Darrick Nicholas (1995) is media relations coordinator for Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. and an adjunct professor in the communications/theatre department at Prince George's Community College in Largo, Md. He received a master's degree in public communication from American University May 8, 2005. (7/12/05)

Maria Nicolosi (2002) has finished her graduate classes at the University of Baltimore, where she is enrolled in the Master of Fine Arts in Integrated Design program, and is finishing her thesis. She hopes to be done by May. Also, she is working as a graphic designer for Hometrack, a real estate marketing firm in Baltimore, and makes headbands for a handbag boutique. She lives in Baltimore. (11/09/07)

Dave Nitz (1979) is director of broadcasting for Louisiana Tech athletics and play-by-play announcer for the Bulldogs' football and basketball games.

Chris Noland (2001) is an admissions counselor at Louisiana Tech. (8/29/03)

Racheal O'Neal -- See Rachel O'Neal Chaney.

Godwin Odihe (1985) lives in Smyrna, Ga.

Amy Olita (2012) is a graphic designer at Gremillion and Pou Integrated Marketing in Shreveport. (08.10.12)

Sabrina Oliver (2002) -- See Sabrina Oliver Combs.

Mary Diane Brown Orr (1978) is a pilot for Federal Express. She lives in Orlando, Fla.

Brent Ott (1996) is a reporter with the Northside Sun. He lives in Jackson, Miss.

Carrie Otts (2002) -- See Carrie Otts Rocconi.

Vickie Bohannon Owen (1983) is a medical research consultant for Owen Clinical Services, L.L.C. She lives in Baton Rouge, La.

Dr. Reginald Owens (1970) holds the F. Jay Taylor Chair in Journalism and is unit head of journalism at Louisiana Tech. (07.09.10)

Renee Simmons Palumbo (1993) lives at Charleston Air Force Base, S.C. She enjoys being at home with her children, Logan, 7; Hollie, 5; and Maddie, 8 weeks. (8/15/06)

Carla Pampe (1995) is the Chief of Civic Outreach with Air Force Global Strike Command Public Affairs at Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossier City, La. In Feb 2012, the AFGSC/PA office was named recipient of the Brig. Gen. Harry Dalton, Jr., Award for best overall communication program in support of the Air Force mission for 2011. Carla graduated in 2007 from Southern Illinois University with a master of science degree in professional media management and media management studies. (02.17.12)

Genie Rife Parker (1970) is a social worker. She lives in Baton Rouge, La. (4/28/06)

Renee Parker (1981) lives in Farmerville, La.

Paige Parks (1995) is associate director of U.S. Labeling, Advertising and Promotion at UCB, Inc., in Smyrna, Ga. (1.24.14)

Staci Parks (2009) is editor of Shreveport's "The Forum" and "City Life." (12.03.10)

Lauren Parsons (1979) lives in Houston, Texas.

Seth Parsons (2000) is a flight instructor with the US Navy in St. George, Utah. (04.24.09)

Ray Patterson (2015) works for Capital One. He and his wife, Sarah, live in Monroe. (03.13.15)

Jennifer Kracht Pearce (1999) is associate center director of the Sylvan Learning Center in Clear Lake, Texas. She and her husband have two sons, Benjamin Woods Pearce, born May 3, 2006, and Stuart Scott Pearce, born Aug. 9, 2010. They live in Houston, Texas. (08.20.10)

Jason Peers (2000) lives and works in Los Angeles, Calif. (12.05.08)

Julie Miller Pennell (2005) -- is a freelancer. She and her husband, Christopher, lives in Oxford, England. (07.18.14)

Jennifer Penton -- See Jennifer Penton Waites.

Jess Peregoy (2008) is manager of Bath and Body Works in Bossier City. (07.16.10)

Kristi Green Perritt (1997) and her husband, Michael, have announced the birth of a son, Wyatt Allen Perritt, March 19. He weighed 8 pounds, 13 ounces and was 20.75 inches long. Kristi is a production specialist for the national office of the Boy Scouts of America, a position she will leave at the end of May to spend time with her family while she does freelance work. The Perritts have another son, Justin Michael, born in March 2003. They live in Carrollton, Texas. (4/27/07)

Dolores Peshoff (1979) lives in Plano, Texas.

Kacey Philley (1994) -- See Kacey Philley Romaguera.

Frances Phillips (1963) lives in Alexandria, La.

Fred Phillips (2007) is senior communications manager with CenturyLink in Monroe, Louisiana. (05.15.15)

L.R. Loriane Pickell (1992) is an in-house senior cousel at Tyson Foods, Inc., in Springdale, Ark. (07.22.11)

Susan Pierce (1985) is a claims representative with Arkansas' Disability Determination Service of Social Security Administration. She also does some freelance writing. She lives in Little Rock, Ark. (9/4/03)

Rita Pilgreen -- See Rita Pilgreen Powell.

Nikki Plants -- See Nikki Plants Jennings.

Eddie Pohl (1948) is retired from the United States Foreign Service. He lives in Estes Park, Colo. (8/20/03)

Rita Pilgreen Powell (1964) is associate director of the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative, a major national effort to help youth in foster care make successful transitions to adulthood. In addition to her journalism degree from Tech, she holds MSW and CSW degrees from Louisiana State University. She lives in Buda, Texas. (7/23/03)

Chandra Triplett Price (2003) teaches fifth, sixth and seventh grade english at Harmony Science Academy in Fort Worth, Texas. She, her husband,  Jonte', and their daughters, Dejia and Jhyla Sanaa, live in Arlington, Texas. (9/6/06)

Larry Price (1978) is director for community relations/marketing at Reid Hospital and HealthCare Services in Richmond, Ind. He and his wife, Jayne, have one son and one daughter. They live in Richmond. (05.23.08)

April Prince (2000) -- See April Prince McCartney.

Staci Prince -- See Staci Prince Schmidt.

Fredda Prothro -- See Fredda Prothro Lackey.

Linda Caruso Quin (1974) owns Q Graphics. She lives in Apex, N.C.

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