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Matt Dearman (2007) married Rachael Hitt June 20, 2009. They have one daughter, Addie Grace, and one son, Murphy.

Deidra Lemons Johnson (2002) -- married Torrance Johnson and they reside in Washington, D.C. She is a senior advisor in AARP's national office.

Christian Moises (2003) is the public relations specialist at St. Tammany Parish Hospital. He is married to Stephanie Gravener.

Julie Miller Pennell (2005) -- is a freelancer. She and her husband, Christopher, lives in Oxford, England.

Tony Taglavore (1985) recently won third-place for Best College Play-by-Play by the Louisiana Sports Writers Association. Taglavore, who is a freelance broadcaster for the Northwestern State University Demon Sports Network, was recognized for his call of the Lady Demons vs. Tennessee NCAA women's basketball tournament game.

Derek Toomey (1989) has worked in television news and healthcare public relations. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia, where his primary focus is songwriting.

Austin Vining (2014) is pursuing a master's degree in integrated marketing communication from the University of Mississippi.

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