Brent Tippen
2013 Young Alumnus of the Year

Brent Tippen
Bachelor of Arts, Speech Communication, 2004
Chevron Corporation, San Ramon, California
Global External Communications Advisor/ Company Spokesman

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Steve Webre, Interim Associate Dean and

2014 recipient of the Individual Achievement in the Humanities Award,

presented by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities


Buddy Davis
2013 Alumnus of the Year

O. K. "Buddy" Davis
B.A., 1969, Louisiana Polytechnic Institute 
Executive Sports Editor, Ruston Daily Leader

General Studies

Bachelor of General Studies Degree

College of Liberal Arts
Louisiana Tech University
Ruston, Louisiana


On-Campus Thematic Concentration

The heart of the General Studies degree is an Interdisciplinary Thematic Concentration which consists of 24 hours (usually eight three-hour courses) chosen from at least two related disciplines. Students may take no more than a maximum of 18 hours of any particular discipline within the thematic concentration. The remaining six hours may be fulfilled from any other discipline in the chosen concentration. For example, a student might take 18 hours of psychology and 6 hours of sociology.

The Thematic Concentration may be chosen from one of the following themes:

Arts: Architecture, Art, Music Theory, Music History, and Theatre

Humanities: English, Technical Writing, Journalism, History, Speech-Communication, Pre-Professional Speech-Language Pathology, Foreign Languages, and Philosophy

Social Sciences: Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Sciences, Psychology, Sociology, and Geographic Information Systems

General Studies Program Coordinator
Ms. Christine Strebeck
General Studies Program Advisor
Mr. Anthony Goodwin
Louisiana Tech University
College of Liberal Arts
GTM Hall, Office #256/258
P. O. Box 3044 Ruston, LA 71272
Phone: 318.257.2707
Fax: 318.357.3888