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Loan Information

ID Required - valid Tech ID card
Checkout Period - 21 days
Maximum Number - 20 items
Maximum Renewals - 3 times (unless it is overdue or a hold is placed on it)

Recall Information

If a hold is placed on an book checked out by a faculty member, a recall can be issued for it.
When a recall is issued, the due date is changed to 21 days and a recall notice is mailed
If the item is not returned by the due date, future checkout privileges may be blocked.

Overdue Fines

Regular Circulating Items - 25¢ per day per item
Recall Items - 50¢ per day per item
Reserve Items - $3.00 per hour per item
Maximum Amount - $90.00 (after 30 days, it is considered a lost item)
Two overdue materials will block privileges.
Lost Items - If item is overdue 30 days, a $90.00 replacement fee is charged to the patron.
Found Items - When a lost item is returned, the fine is changed back to $20.00 overdue fee.

Replacement Costs for Lost Items

Book - $90.00
Reference Book - Evaluated individually due to high replacement cost
Compact Disc (part of book or separate cataloged item) - $90.00
Microform (fiche, film, card) - $225.00
Periodicals: Loose Issue - $50.00, Bound Volume - $200.00
Video - $90.00
Government Documents included in above categories (ex. Docs Ref. Book = $125.00)
Special Collection, Manuscripts and Archives - Evaluated individually due to rare nature