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Library Faculty & Staff Directory: by Service



  • Rita Franks, Interim Dean of Library Services, Director of Collection Services
  • Laura Sandifer, Administrative Assistant

  • Dr. Walter Wicker, Dean Emeritus
  • Michael DiCarlo, Dean Emeritus

Acquisition Services
& Preservation Services

  • Leah Clark, Acquisition Specialist
  • Ashley Jackson, Serials Specialist
  • Lindsey Dorrough, Serials Specialist

Bibliographic Management Services

  • Carl Close, Cataloging Librarian
  • Nickie Blackwelder, Federal Docs Specialist
  • Marydel Cates, State Documents Specialist

Technology Services

  • Will Lancaster, Coordinator of Database Systems & Technology Training

Research Services

College Liaison Librarians

  • Lynell Buckley, Education Librarian
  • VACANT, Applied & Natural Sciences
  • Kevin Cuccia, Engineering & Science Librarian
  • Sue McFadden, Business Librarian
  • Boris Teske, Liberal Arts Librarian
  • Paula Herrington, Research Specialist

Government Documents

  • Abigail DeSoto, Government Documents Librarian
  • Debora Rathburn, Government Docs Specialist

Special Collections

  • Peggy Carter, Special Collections Librarian
  • Tanya Arant, Collections Specialist
  • Joyce Chandler, Archives Specialist

User Services