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Find Journal Articles

Finding appropriate journal articles can be a time-consuming task. Use the links below for information on how to use Library databases. If you find this process confusing, please feel free to visit the Reference/Information Desk near the main entrance of the Library or call the desk at 257-2231.

Locate - Discover articles on a specific topic.
Retrieve - Once an appropriate article is found, retrieve it.
Existing Citation - Find an article when you already know the publication information.
Tutorial - Practice searching for articles with this online exercise.

Note: The Library has over 130 databases and most operate in a similar manner. You can access them in several ways from the Library homepage under the "Articles" tab.

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Locate: Discover articles on a specific topic.

Example: "Does the death penalty have an effect on the crime rate?"
1) On the Library homepage, click the link to Academic Search Complete located under the tab "Articles."
2) The most effective way to use the database is with correct terminology, so click on Subject Terms
    on the blue tool bar at the top. Then type words like "death penalty" or "crime rate" in the box
    under Browsing to see what terms come up. Note that when you look for "crime statistics,"
    the correct term is "criminal statistics."
3) Now click on the link to Advanced Search below the top search box.
4) Type "capital punishment" into the first box and "criminal statistics" into the second box.
    Click the Search button.
5) The search results in a list of article titles (in blue) with accompanying information
    such as author names, journal title, & publication information.

Retrieve: Once an article is found, retrieve it.

1) Information beneath each article listing, provides ways in which to locate it.
2) If the words PDF Full Text or HTML Full Text appear on the gray bar beneath it
    you just need to click on the link to "open" the article. Then you can use
    the print, save or email icon right above the article to get a copy.
3) If Check LinkSource is the only available link, click it to see if you have
    any other access to the article.
4) After clicking it, you may see a box with Resources Found for this Citation
    which can offer links to:
    a) The Library Catalog (for journals in print; check "Summary Holdings")
    b) Other online resources (article is retrieved directly from publisher)
    c) InterLibrary Loan (must be registered to request a copy of article)

Existing Citation: Find an article when you know the publication information.

1) On the Library homepage, click the Journals tab.
2) Type the name of the journal (not the article title) into the top search box.
3) If the Library has access to the journal, a list of links will appear underneath the title.
4) All of these links will take you directly to online access, except the one that says
    "Available in Print" which takes you to the Library catalog for more
    information such as a call number.
5) Before following any links, check the years listed beside them to make sure they include
    the year you need. The term embargo means there will be a delay in
    in access to the most current issues.