Research Competencies in Biomedical Engineering

Expected by Louisiana Tech University

Biomedical Engineering Programs

Excerpts from:

College of Engineering & Science, Louisiana Tech University. Biomedical Engineering: Educational Objectives and Outcomes

Biomedical Engineering Program Educational Objectives

BIENP02 (Skills): To prepare graduates with skills that will enable them to be immediately productive in their chosen career.

BIENP03 (Professionalism): To produce graduates who communicate effectively, who understand and undertake professional responsibilities, and who function effectively as members and leaders of multi-disciplinary teams.

BIENP04 (Life-Long Learning): To produce graduates who believe that their undergraduate biomedical engineering education was a wise investment and who desire to continue to develop their knowledge and skills throughout their careers.

Biomedical Engineering Program Educational Outcomes

Graduates of the Bachelors program will have:

BIENEO3: A broad understanding of social, cultural, and ethical principles and responsibilities.

BIENEO4: An ability to identify, define and solve complex problems that cut across disciplines.

BIENEO6: An ability to communicate effectively using appropriate technology and efficiently use information resources.

BIENEO8: The ability to generate questions and hypotheses, design experiments that will provide meaningful answers, and collect and interpret measurements from both living and non-living systems.

BIENEO10: A significant professional or research experience prior to graduation.

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