Research Competencies in Chemical Engineering

Expected by Louisiana Tech University

Chemical Engineering Programs

Excerpts from:

College of Engineering & Science, Louisiana Tech University. Chemical Engineering: Educational Objectives and Outcomes

Chemical Engineering Program Educational Objectives

ChEO1   To prepare students for success and lifelong learning in chemical engineering and related careers.

ChEO2   To train students to develop skills in creative thinking, teamwork, problem solving, and chemical engineering design.

ChEO3   To teach methods of problem analysis and solution techniques including math and computational skills appropriate to the chemical engineering profession.

ChEO5   To engage students in the training and practice of technical, oral and written communication.

ChEO6   To permeate our educational program with an emphasis on the professional and ethical practice of chemical engineering both by example and explicit instruction.

Chemical Engineering Program Outcomes

Louisiana Tech Chemical Engineering graduates will:

ChO-02: demonstrate an ability to design and conduct experiments based on science and engineering principles with an accompanying ability to analyze and interpret data

ChO-05: be able to identify, formulate, and solve chemical engineering-related problems

ChO-06: display an understanding of professional and ethical responsibility to the engineering profession and to society at large

ChO-07: demonstrate an ability to communicate effectively by conveying technical material through both written medium an through oral presentations with audience interaction

ChO-09: show recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in life-long learning

ChO-11: demonstrate an ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for chemical engineering practice

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