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Library Food & Drink Policy

We understand that students spend many hours at a time in the library. Therefore, Prescott Library permits some food and drink items on the premises.
We ask that you follow a few guidelines to help protect the University's collections and technology . . .

  • red square Drinks are permitted in securely covered containers only.
  • red square Foods that are greasy or crumbly are not permitted. Do not bring in pizza, fried foods or similar food items. Small bite-size snacks are permitted.
  • red square You are expected to clean up after yourself by putting containers & wrappers into the trash and cleaning up any spills with paper towels (available in the restrooms).
  • red square Food and drink of any kind are not permitted around the following: computers, printers and areas dedicated to Special Collections and Archives (located on 4th floor).
Thank you for helping keep Prescott Library clean and comfortable!

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