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Dissertation & Thesis Submission Policy

After reading the University Guidelines for the Preparation and Submission of Your Thesis or Dissertation, follow the directions below to submit your documents for binding:

1.) Bring five (5) copies of your thesis/dissertation to the Library in individual manila envelopes labeled with your name on the outside.

2.) At the Library you will be informed of the cost of binding the thesis or dissertation and given a Louisiana Tech Departmental Deposit Ticket.

3.) Then, you will go to the Comptroller Payment Window (bottom floor in Keeny Hall) to deposit your payment according to the following scale:

Without Pockets With Pockets
Cloth Plastic
Thesis five copies $56.00 $101.75 $81.00
each extra copy $10.10 $19.25 $15.10
Dissertation five copies $121.00 $166.75 $146.00
each extra copy $10.10 $19.25 $15.10

There is no shipping charge for the first five copies of a thesis or dissertation. For each additional copy, there is a postage charge of $10.50, if mailed within the U.S. (domestic), and of $24.00, if mailed outside the U.S. (international).

4.) After you've paid the charges, you need to return to the library and exchange the paid deposit ticket for a receipt written by a Library employee.

5.) The Library employee who receives the thesis or dissertation will complete an Approved Thesis/Dissertation Form. This form remains in the files for future reference if needed.

ProQuest Agreement Form

All dissertations must be accompanied by a ProQuest Agreement Form entitled UMI Dissertation Publishing Paper Submission Agreement. Read the following directions before clicking on the link below. First, a login is required:

Username: dissertations
Password: publish

Then select the appropriate link under Agreement Forms.

Please Note: You must completely fill out pages 4 and 5 and sign page 4. A copy of the dissertation title page and abstract must accompany this form.

If you are submitting a dissertation to be copyrighted, you must sign an additional form (page 6) and pay an extra charge (determined by UMI). When you submit it, you will be asked to make out a check payable to Proquest LLC. This check is given to the Library employee receiving the dissertation and placed with the ProQuest Agreement Form when it is forwarded to cataloging.

To proceed to the ProQuest Agreement Form, click here to login.