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Science Direct Service

If you have already registered and are familiar with the Policies & Procedures listed below, click the icon link to proceed to ScienceDirect.

You must register on campus to use this service. If you have not registered, you may want to view a short tutorial. If you fail to register correctly, you will not be able to get the articles you need.

logon link

Policies and Procedures
Louisiana Tech University has an agreement with the ScienceDirect database which allows for purchases of individual articles at a cost of $22.00 per article. A deposit account has been set up with limited funds available. To insure fair distribution of the available funds, please note the following limitations:

  • red square  Faculty members are limited to five (5) requests per month
  • red square  Graduate students are limited to three (3) requests per month.
  • red square  Registration for Science Direct must be done on-campus to be eligible for "library-subsidized" document delivery.
  • red square  Requests for articles from ScienceDirect will be forwarded to the InterLibrary Loan Services for final processing.
  • red square  Online articles requested through ScienceDirect will be sent electronically to the patron within 24 hours.