USENET News provides a forum for a wide range of topics in which people can discuss items, post announcements, distribute software and documents, and a variety of other items. USENET News is an interactive system, the readers are also the suppliers of the information. However reading news via the World Wide Web does not presently provide for posting your own articles. To post you will need to use a true newsreader as appropriate for your platform. The newsgroups are broken into hierarchies by broad subject classifications. Tech does not receive all newsgroup hierarchies. As well as providing a number of world wide groups, there are a few local groups as well, handling information pertinent to Louisiana Tech.

Newsgroups that Tech does handle include the areas involved with COMPUTING , which deals with all aspects of computers, including hardware, operating systems, programming, as well as using. The SCIENTIFIC groups cover topics of research in chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering and other areas.

The MISCELLANEOUS hierarchy covers a broad range of topics that don't fit under any other group, including consumer and job related interests. The BITNET groups also provide a range of topics, gatewayed from BITNET's LISTSERV mailing lists.

If you are interested in topics concerened with lifestyles and cultures, you might want to check the SOCIAL newsgroups, or for items in current events, the TALK groups.

The RECREATIONAL groups provides discussions and information on hobbies, leisure, sports, and other recreational activities.

For information about the USENET News system itself, the NEWS hierarchy is available.