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Faculty Resources


  • Admission to Music  (PDF Form: Information can be typed and printed, but not saved.) The Admission to Music Form is to be completed by the studio teacher each time a new music major is accepted. The form is placed in the student's file.
  • Withdrawal from Music (PDF Form: Information can be typed and printed, but not saved.) The Withdrawal from Music Form is to be completed for students who leave school or change majors. The form is to be placed in the student's file, and the file should be moved to the inactive drawer of the cabinet.

  • Folder Check List (PDF Form: Information can be typed and printed, but not saved.) The Folder Check List Form is placed at the beginning of each student's file and is used to track folder contents, piano proficiency, recitals, and other student record items.

  • Recital Form The Recital Form is used to establish a recital committee and to record the grade for the recital.

  • Exit Form The Exit Form is to be completed by all graduating seniors and turned in to the SPA office for submission to the Dean's office.

  • Certification of Minor, College of Liberal Arts This form is required of all students choosing the Liberal Arts Concentration. The student completes the form and has it signed by his or her advisor, the Department Head (Dr. Sorensen), and the Department Head of the minor area of study. Once complete the form is attached to the curriculum checklist and placed in the student's file.

  • Student Recital Program Template This is the template for all student recital programs. It is a Word document. Please ask students to use the following color schemes when making copies of the program: yellow for Fall Quarter; light blue for Winter Quarter; and light green for Spring Quarter.

  • Performance Audition Results This form is used to record the results of the audition required for entrance into the performance concentration. Upon completion of the audition, the applied instructor should complete the form, have the student sign it, give the student a copy, and file the original in the student's file.

  • Transfer Credit Matrix This document is maintained by the College of Liberal Arts and is periodically updated. The version linked above is current as of 10-22-12. Use the matrix to award transfer credit. If a course is not shown on the matrix, a routing form will have to be sent to the Department that offers similar courses to request approval of the course for transfer credit. See the Coordinator of Music for assistance completing the routing form.

  • Ensemble Participation for No Credit Ensemble directors are required to have students complete this form who are participating in their ensemble, but are not registered for credit.

  • Official University Excuse Form Here is the Official University Excuse form to be completed for field trips, concert tours, athletic band travel, and other student abscences related to department activities.

  • Music Scholarship Nomination Form This form is to be used to officially nominate a student for either the Laverne E. Irvine Award or the Music Student of the Year Award. Faculty should complete this form and return it to the Head of the Scholarship Committee prior to the deadline listed at the top of the form. 

  • Logos Download versions of the Departmental logo.

  • Request to Use State Tagged Property Off Campus Complete this form prior to taking any tagged university equipment off campus.

  • Musicians Health and Safety

Curriculum Checklists