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Music Scholarships and Service Awards


Louisiana Tech is committed to making a quality education affordable. Almost all music majors receive some type of assistance. Some of the talent scholarships available include the following:

  • Band and Choir Service Awards
  • Talent Award Scholarships
  • Performing Arts Out-of-State-Fee Waivers
  • Performing Arts Dorm Waivers
  • Piano Scholarships
  • Opera Workshop Award
  • Guitar and Orchestral String Scholarships.

Non-major Awards

In addition to awards for students majoring in music, band, choir, and orchestral string awards are available for non-music majors who participate in these groups.

Audition Required for Scholarships and Service Awards

All scholarships and service awards require an audition. Use the links below to review audition requirements and to schedule an audition.

If you have any questions, please contact the applied instructor for your area as shown below:


Dr. Lisa Maxedon  (318) 257-2061

Guitar and Orchestral Strings    

Dr. Cain Budds  (318) 257-3655

Trumpet and Horn

Dr. Randall Sorensen  (318) 257-5473

Trombone, Tuba, and Euphonium

Dr. Joe L. Alexander  (318) 257-2060


Dr. Steele Moegle  (318) 257-5275


Lawrence Gibbs  (318) 257-5472


Dr. Gregory Lyons  (318) 257-5470

Non-Major Band Service

Jim Robken  (318) 257-4233

Non-Major Choir Service Awards

Dr. John Petzet  (318) 257-4109

Non-Major Orchestral String Awards

Dr. Cain Budds  (318) 257-3655


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