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Student Organizations

The Department of Music is proud of the many fine student organizations that exist on campus to support and enhance music activities. We encourage students to consider joining a group of their choosing. Below are the names and descriptions of our student music organizations and each group's contact information.

Sigma Alpha Iota

Description: SAI is an international music fraternity whose mission is to encourage, nurture and support the art of music.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Joe L. Alexander

National Office Website: http://www.sai-national.org/home/

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia

Description: The objective of this Fraternity shall be for the development of the best and truest fraternal spirit; the mutual welfare and brotherhood of musical students; the advancement of music in America and a loyalty to the Alma Mater.

Faculty Advisor:

National Office Website: http://www.sinfonia.org/aboutus.asp

Phi Buda ruda

Description: Phi Boota roota is a fraternity dedicated to college drumline unity. Phi Boota roota was established in 1971 at the University of Southern Mississippi by founding father Connie Sprinkle. In 1982 John Paul Gay of Louisiana State University became the national founding father by helping establish 10 new chapters.

Phi -- precision, perfection, and any term referring to excellence

Boota -- one of the "lost" Greek letters, meaning percussion

roota -- one of the "lost" Greek letters, symbolizing the "Unbroken Circle of Root"

Phalam Stutter Chapter: The Phalam Stutter Chapter of Phi Buda Ruda was founded on April 1, 1994 by Kevin dyck, Eddie Hysell, Walter Moss, and Robert Sharp. The first Fraternity function was painting a playground for the Lincoln Learning Center in Ruston, LA. The first pledge class was the Omega class. Pledge class names are derived from the Greek alphabet. The order is backwards starting with Omega going through Alpha. There are six types of membership: Probationary, active, Inactive, Honorary, Alumni, and Life.

Purposes and Projects: To promote brotherhood/sisterhood among members; to support the Louisiana Tech University Percussion Studio; to strive to better each individual in the art of percussion. 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gregory Lyons

Tau Beta Sigma

Description: We provide exceptional service to collegiate bands and promote equality and diversity, including empowering women in the band profession. We cultivate leadership, educational achievement, music appreciation and community development.

Faculty Advisor: Jim Robken

National Office Website: www.tbsigma.org

Kappa Kappa Psi

Description: Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band Fraternity is a fraternal organization that promotes the advancement of college and university bands through dedicated service and support to bands; comprehensive education; leadership opportunities; and recognition; for the benefit of its members and society.

Faculty Advisor: Jim Robken

National Office Website: http://www.kkpsi.org

Tech Choral Society

Description: Tech Choral Society was formed to support the choral program at Louisiana Tech University. This student run organization assists all choirs by providing service projects such as tailgating and donating items to the music program. Tech Choral Society provides scholarships and other forms of financial assistance to undergraduate students at our university. Tech Choral Society is a major contributor when the choirs travel internationally and perform.

Faculty Advisor:

Phi Epsilon Gamma

Description: Phi Epsilon Gamma es an organization dedicated to the promotion of colorguard in the university setting.

Faculty Advisor: Jim Robken

Tau Upsilon Beta Alpha

Description: The purpose of Tau Upsilon Beta Alpha is to help maintain current and future tuba equipment, while promoting brotherhood/sisterhood between all members whether or not they play tuba. Tau Upsilon Beta Alpha is also a great place for people that have a general interest in tubas and wish to be affiliated with the tuba section.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Joe L. Alexander