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The Christmas show is the most popular public demonstration and is scheduled for the early part of December.

The Story of the Star is narrated by a kindly grandfather who reminisces about the joy and beauty of the holidays. He begins with part of "The Night Before Christmas" then proceeds to explore the diversity of Christmas symbols such as: mistletoe, the Christmas tree, and candles. After exploring the winter night sky, the narrator includes a retelling of the biblical Christmas story in which scenes appear as stained glass windows.


  • Adult: $2.00
  • LA Tech Student: Free, with ID
  • Child (5 - 17 years old): $1.00
  • Child (under 5 years old): Free

SHOW TITLES (Show times do not include constellations and Space Ship ride.)
  • Sandy, Pepper, and the Eclipse is a shorter show designed especially for younger viewers. It follows a discussion between a cocker spaniel and a beagle talking about the upcoming solar eclipse. This show is shown in conjunction with "Lifestyles of the Stars." These shows are appropriate for grades K-2. (15 minutes)

  • Lifestyles of the Stars is a family's tour of the different types of stars as they ride through the galaxy on the spacebus. This show is shown along with "Sandy, Pepper, and the Eclipse" and is appropriate for grades K-2. (15 minutes)

  • The Secret of the Cardboard Rocket gives an introduction to the solar system with a cardboard rocket, a talking astronomy book, and a lot of imagination. This show is appropriate for grades 2-3. (45 minutes)

  • Worlds of Wonder explores the planets and the solar system and explains basic solar system facts. It explains the planets, moons, comets, and asteroids. It is recommended for grades 4-9. (30 minutes)

  • The Voyager Encounters reviews the encounters of both Voyager crafts. It discusses the functions of Voyagers' instruments and how they were used to explore the planets. This show is appropriate for grades 8 and up to adult. (45 minutes)

The Planetarium main theatre is handicapped accessible and has spaces for several wheelchairs.

NOTE: The planetarium has no restrooms. There are several buildings that are open during the week that are in walking distance that do have restrooms .

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We look forward to your scheduling a visit to the Louisiana Tech University Planetarium.

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