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BLUE FIRE: Igniting Communication Experiences (QEP)

BLUE FIRE: Igniting Communication Experiences - Plan Report (pdf)
BLUE FIRE: Igniting Communication Experiences - Overview Presentation (pdf)

BLUE FIRE: Igniting Communication Experiences, Louisiana Tech University’s Quality Enhancement Plan, seeks to improve student communication and interpersonal skills through a robust first-year interdisciplinary experience.  The purpose is achieved as students demonstrate seven learning outcomes aligned with three goals and with the Louisiana Tech 2020 Strategic Plan and strategic directions. BLUE FIRE reflects a holistic approach to enhancing Student Learning Outcomes consistent with our vision to be recognized as a top public research university with an unparalleled, integrated educational experience. BLUE FIRE evolved from broad-based input from diverse and numerous Tech constituencies, reviews of student data, identification of issues and concerns, and recent focus on expectations of higher education in the 21st century.

As a result of implementation of BLUE FIRE, our first-year students will…

These Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) will be achieved through implementation of several BLUE FIRE components supported by literature and best-practice, and through linking learning and development as related parts of the same process. SLOs will be assessed through both direct and indirect measures.