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BLUE FIRE: Institutional Involvement and Plan Assessment

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BLUE FIRE: Igniting Communication Experiences - Institutional Involvement and Plan Assessment (pdf)

Louisiana Tech University has a strong history of involvement of its internal and external constituencies in planning for the future successes of its students and its programs. The development of BLUE FIRE (QEP) is no exception to this longstanding practice of extensive involvement. As indicated in other sections of this plan, more than 150 broad-based and diverse constituents were involved in determining the QEP topic, design of the QEP itself, review and endorsement of the QEP, including seven dialogue groups with 9 to 12 members, seven dialogue group leaders,15 faculty and administrators representing the Tech 2020 Steering Committee and leadership teams, 30 members of the SACS Steering Committee, eight members of the QEP Advisory Board, all members of the Council of Academic Deans (CADs), and all members of the Administrative and Planning Council (APC). In addition, approximately 400 faculty and staff were involved in information meetings concerning the QEP, with opportunities provided for additional input and QEP refinement.

During the Design Phase for the QEP, 10 additional faculty, staff, administrators, and students were directly involved as representative specialists in student development, communications, and assessment, with indirect involvement from several administrative units and the QEP Advisory Board. Additional input into the QEP design was provided by 60 faculty and staff members who currently teach in University Seminar for first-year students at Tech, and faculty and staff members of the University Senate. Recommendations from these groups and from a group of academic deans were reviewed for refinements to the QEP design.