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BLUE FIRE: Executive Summary and University Overview

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BLUE FIRE: Igniting Communication Experiences - Executive Summary (pdf)

BLUE FIRE: Igniting Communication Experiences signifies the components of the Louisiana Tech University Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). Through implementing innovative components, our first-year students should attain the Student Learning Outcomes specified in the plan. First-time students entering Louisiana Tech are already on fire for learning, exploring, and discovering, as demonstrated by their high school grade point averages and their ACT scores, which continue to rise. They come to Louisiana Tech expecting first-rate learning and development experiences, eager to begin their journey at the university with its vision to “...be recognized as a top public research university with an unparalleled, integrated educational experience” (Louisiana Tech University, 2014).

This vision is enacted through BLUE FIRE that provides integrated curriculum, interdisciplinary experiences, 21st century knowledge and skills supporting student success in college and workplace careers, rigorous, engaging academic experiences to nurture, enhance, and extend the initial fire of the First –Year Students to an even hotter flame---a BLUE FIRE (First-year, Innovative Relationship Experiences). BLUE FIRE initiative components are designed to ignite student passion for learning, exploring, discovering, and effective communicating that will develop during the First-Year Experience and characterize their entire college career. BLUE FIRE complements the Tech vision and becomes a vehicle for the University to foster both its vision and its mission.