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Academic Major Changes

UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS may change majors by printing out the form below and following the instructions printed at the top of the form.  Changes made anytime after the ninth class day of the quarter will be effective the following quarter unless otherwise specified by the gaining Academic Dean.

All you have to do is:

  1. Using this Major Change Form> : Fill it out as completely as possible, print the form, then take it to your current academic department or the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies of your current college for their signature.  This notifies the department of your intent to change your major.  Be sure they fill out the "Current Major" column information completely.
  2. Then, take this form to your new department.  Be sure they fill out the "New Major" column completely (to include your new advisor's name).
  3. STUDENT-ATHLETES: You must obtain a special permission signature from the Assistant Athletics Director for Academics (Thomas Assembly Center, Rm. 102).
  4. Once the form is completed signed, bring it to the University Registrar's office (Keeny Hall 207) for processing.  Your major will be changed in the Student Information System (SIS) within five working days.  You can confirm the changes by logging on to your Student BOSS account and viewing menu option "Unofficial Transcript".

NOTE: GRADUATE STUDENTS seeking to change their admitted graduate program must apply to the Graduate School for admission to the new graduate program.