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Registering with B.O.S.S.

Registration Process

STEP 1: Obtain Advising Form.

Download the Advising Form.

STEP 2: Obtain Campus Wide ID (CWID) and BOSS PIN Number.

If you are a new or returning student, you will need to obtain your BOSS PIN number from the Registrar’s Office (KH 207) – bring a picture I.D – or logon to www.latech.edu; scroll down and click on “A-Z”; click on “BOSS PIN Request”; read and follow directions to obtain BOSS PIN and CWID.

STEP 3: Check and clear all holds.

Log on to www.latech.edu; click on “BOSS” in the red banner top/center of web page; click on “Student BOSS Login”; enter Student ID (CWID) and BOSS PIN number. Then under the “Student Records” menu selection, click on “HOLDS”. All registration holds and official transcript holds will display on this screen, to include the offices you will need to contact to clear these holds before you can login to register online.

STEP 4: Complete your academic advising.

Make an appointment to see your academic advisor (in person or online), and complete your Advising Form. If you don’t know who your advisor is, check your BOSS account to see if an advisor has been assigned. If an advisor has not been assigned, use the chart below and contact the appropriate Department Head or Dean’s office and someone there will ensure that you are assigned an advisor.

Assoc. Dean for Undergraduate and Graduate Studies PLIB 913, 318-257-4287
     (includes Graduate Certificate Programs in Dietetics, and Rural Development)
Agricultural Sciences REEH 101, 318-257-3275
Biological Sciences CTLH 213, 318-257-4573
     (includes Medical Technology, Pre-Prof. Programs)
Environmental Sciences CTLH 109, 318-257-4573
Forestry REEH 113, 318-257-4985
     (includes Geographic Information Science)
Health Informatics and Information Mgmt. WYLT 1114, 318-257-2854
Human Ecology CTLH 251, 318-257-3727
     (includes Merchandising & Consumer Studies, Family & Child Studies,
      Nutrition & Dietetics)
Nursing GTMH 139, 318-257-3101

Assoc. Dean for Undergraduate Studies COBB 103, 318-257-3522
Assoc. Dean, Graduate Studies & Research COBB 218, 318-257-4528
     (includes Graduate Certificate in Information Assurance)
Accounting & Information Systems COBB 302, 318-257-2822
Management COBB 324, 318-257-3293
Economics & Finance COBB 327, 318-257-4140
Marketing & Analysis COBB 348, 318-257-4012

Director, Certification & Professional Experiences WOOH 129, 318-257-2849
     (includes Postbaccalaureate Certificate Programs)
Director, Graduate Studies & Research WOOH 102, 318-257-3229
     (includes Graduate Certificate Programs in Education)
Curriculum, Instruction, & Leadership WOOH 203, 318-257-4609
Psychology & Behavioral Sciences WOOH 118, 318-257-4315
     (includes Graduate Certificate in Dynamics of Domestic & Family Violence)
Kinesiology MEMG 205, 318-257-4432

Assoc. Dean for Undergraduate Studies BOGH 217, 318-257-2842
Assoc. Dean for Graduate Studies BOGH 330, 318-257-4314
     (includes Graduate Certificate in Communications Systems)

Assoc. Dean GTMH 102, 318-257-4805
     (includes graduate programs)
Architecture HALE 131, 318-257-2816
     (includes Interior Design)
Art VARC 113, 318-257-3909
English GTMH 236, 318-257-2718
Modern Languages GTMH 221, 318-257-4748
General Studies GTMH 278, 318-257-2707
History GTMH 114, 318-257-2872
Journalism KEEH 102, 318-257-4427
Performing Arts HCPA 203, 318-257-2711
Professional Aviation DAVH 320, 318-257-2691
Social Sciences GTMH 137, 318-257-3427
     (includes Political Science, Sociology)
Speech ROBH 306, 318-257-4764

Bulldog Achievement Resource Center (BARC) WYLT 205, 318-257-4730

STEP 5: Ensure the Academic Advisor or a Department or Dean's representative updates your Registration Access Code. 

You will need an updated Registration Access Code in order to access and load your schedule on BOSS. NOTE: If any of your classes require a special permission signature, or a seat added to a closed class, or a prerequisite waived, you will need to get a DROP/ADD slip, correctly annotated, signed, and then take it to the Registrar’s Office (Keeny Hall 207) for the permit to be loaded. If you are an online student, have the Department coordinate it with the Registrar’s Office. Once the permit is loaded, it is the student’s responsibility to add the course on BOSS and complete tuition/fee payment.

STEP 6: Load your schedule on BOSS 

You will load your schedule on BOSS from any computer with internet access using your BOSS account. Permits must be loaded in the Registrars Office (KEEH 207) or coordinated through your department (online students). Students needing assistance can obtain this assistance in the BOSS Self Help Center located in the Registrar’s Office (KEEH 207).

BOSS Procedures:

a. GET PREPARED: Use “Available Course Sections” on BOSS to find your subjects and sections, and WRITE DOWN THE CALL NUMBER(S). This is a "live" feature that is constantly updated as registration progresses. Pay attention to the prerequisites…if you don’t meet them, you won’t be able to register for the course without a permit. Also, write down several alternate selections (sections and courses) as this will save time if you have problems or time conflicts.

b. Beginning on your designated registration day/time:

(1) Log on to www.latech.edu;
(2) Scroll to bottom of screen and click on “BOSS” bottom/center of web page;
(3) Click on “Student BOSS Login”;
(4) Enter your Student ID (CWID) and BOSS PIN number;
(5) Go to the “Registration” menu and select the “Drop and Add Classes” menu option.
(6) Follow the screen instructions, load a set of call numbers in each cell, and then click on “Submit”. Read the feedback on the screen. Remember, if you need permit(s), these must be loaded in the Registrar’s Office (KEEH 207) before you can register for the permitted class(es). If you have Registration Holds, you will have to clear those before you can access the Drop and Add Classes menu option to load your schedule.

STEP 7: Complete the fee payment/registration confirmation process as soon as possible. 

After you’ve loaded your schedule, check menu option “Account Summary/Payment” immediately and be sure to complete tuition/fee payment (or confirm registration).

Review the Financial Responsibility Policy.

STEP 8: Get your TECH Student ID--New or returning students. 

Go to the TECH Express Office located in the Student Center (enter from the Centennial Plaza side) and obtain your TECH ID. You must have a registered and paid schedule to obtain an ID. If you are a returning TECH student, you will need to have your ID reactivated.

STEP 9: Get your TECH userID and password--New or returning students. 

Be sure to go by the University Computing Center (Basement, Wyly Tower) and activate your TECH USERID and Password for your TECH e-mail account. All official e-mail correspondence from the University is sent to student and faculty TECH e-mail accounts only. You’ll need this information to access and use your Moodle Course/Learning Management System account to complete work associated with your courses.

STEP 10: Critical--update your Emergency Notification System (ENS) information on BOSS.

BOSS Software Hints (and Gotchas!):

1. Best browsers to use: Internet Explorer, and Firefox. Do not use Safari or Netscape.
2. Don’t use your browser’s Back Button. This will log you out!
3. Click on a choice only once and wait. If you click again before the new page finishes loading, you’ll be logged out. Patience is the key here. Don't double-click!
4. There is a time limit for both the total length of your session and for idle time. Do not dally.
5. Remember to log out! You don’t want someone else sitting down behind you and altering YOUR schedule.