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Kathy Duke Louisiana Education Consortium (LEC) Coordinator, Transcript Verification and Quality Control, Degree Audit Review, Grade Changes, Academic Suspensions, Academic Reinstatements, Comptroller Liaison, Customer Service Representative
Ashley Johnson Graduate Records Coordinator, Graduate Students, International Students, Student Work Study Payroll
Cindy Franklin Registration Center Director, Student Information System Computer Coordinator, Drop/Adds, Resignations, Class Rolls, Online Grading and Student Grade Reporting Coordinator, Customer Service Coordinator
Brienna Dugdale Undergraduate Records Coordinator (New, Transfer, Special, and Readmission Students), Undergraduate Student Records, Student Work Study Payroll
Sheila Sanchez Veteran's Affairs Liaison Counselor, VA School Certification Official, "I" Grade Coordinator, National Student Clearinghouse Coordinator, Customer Service Representative
Cynthia Walker Transcript Requests, Teacher Certifications, Archived Course Descriptions, Customer Service Representative
Terri Odenbaugh Class Schedule/Classroom Schedule Coordinator, Course Inventory Coordinator, Customer Service Representative, Academic Calendar Editor
Linda Gullatt Customer Service Counter Supervisor, Grade Reports, Registration, Drop/Adds, Resignations, Schedules, Grade Changes, Enrollment Verification, National Student Clearinghouse Verification Coordinator
Christol M. Sterling Administrative Program Manager, Commencement, Interinstitutional Cooperative Program (ICP), and Imaging
Joshua Chovanec Senior Associate Registrar
Missy Farrar Associate Registrar/NCAA Academic Compliance
Bob Vento University Registrar