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Monday, April 20, 2015:  Fall 2015 courses went  "live" on BOSS (menu option "Available Course Sections" - use the hot link in the column to the right ). This option provides real-time data on seat availability, faculty teaching assignments, and course meeting schedules (days and times).  Changes to class information is "live" in "Available Course Sections" immediately after loading in the database.  This area is also available to the general public.  Check this link frequently for any changes.

April 29, 2015: The .pdf versions  will be available  - use the Fall 2015 hot link .pdf captions below - ↓ - to see the .pdf pages.  The .pdf versions do not include course changes made after publication.

Early Registration for Fall Quarter 2015 begins Monday, May 4, 2015 for students currently enrolled in Spring Quarter 2015 classes..

Cick here → Critical Registration Dates to determine your eligible day and time to begin Early Registration.

Click here → Payment Deadlines and Purge Dates for tuition/fee payment instructions and deadlines to confirm your schedule on your Account Summary, or complete payment on your Account Summary.  Remember, failure to complete this process results in loss of your pre-registered schedule.

Fall 2015 Cover (.pdf format)  

Fall 2015 General Information (.pdf format)

Fall 2015 Main Campus Classes (.pdf format)

Fall 2015 Honors Classes (.pdf format)

Fall 2015 Main Campus - Evening Classes (.pdf format)

Fall 2015 WWW and Compressed Video (CV) Classes (.pdf format)

Fall 2015 Extension Classes (.pdf format)

Tech Barksdale AFB Classes (.pdf format)

Note: For those requiring a printed page, use the .pdf format files above. Please conserve paper and ink: print only the page(s) needed.