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The CARE Project


The Citizens Animal Rescue and Evacuation (CARE) Project will partially meet the needs of the Louisiana State Animal Response Team (LSART) in the event of a catastrophic event involving horses, such as a hurricane. Based within the Agricultural Sciences department at Louisiana Tech University, the CARE Project consists of Equine Science students and Department of Agricultural Sciences extra-curricular club members who will serve as the core of volunteers from north Louisiana to assist in evacuation and recovery efforts of horses. Seminars and workshops have been offered to students and local citizens to inform them of proper handling and caring procedures for horses during such times, and instructions on how to be eligible to serve LSART in the event of an emergency. During non-emergency times, students enrolled in CARE service learning classes have trained and practiced with horses housed at non-profit horse organizations.

 The objectives of this grant were as follows: Objective 1) to train potential CARE volunteers in working with and caring for horses during traumatic events through seminars and workshops; Objective 2) assist potential CARE volunteers in taking the mandatory on-line course through the Emergency Management Institute, Introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS-100) so that they would be eligible to volunteer at a LSART evacuation facility; Objective 3) obtain necessary equipment with which CARE volunteers will train in proper usage and bring to emergencies; and Objective 4) provide volunteers with the opportunity to assist non-profit horse organizations and horse operations in need during non-emergency times, while demonstrating proper usage of equipment purchased through the CARE project.


To view a newsletter about the CARE Project, click here.


La Tech student learns how to apply a polo wrap to a horse's leg.

Maria (above) demonstrates proper application of a polo bandage during ANSC 411 Horse Production class, while other students in the class (below) learn how to determine the vital signs of a horse.


Students learn how to take vital signs of a horse.