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The ARK Project

The ARK Project is a Learn and Serve funded grant project through the Louisiana-Kentucky Campus Compact.  In addition to serving the pet community by volunteering at emergency shelters, students are asked to apply what they've learned in their service learning classes to the benefit of pet owners.

The Equine Emergency Planer was created at Louisiana Tech University Department of Agricultural Sciences by students enrolled in a class concerning horse welfare during hurricanes. Horse owners have taken on the responsibility of owning and caring for their equine companion(s). It is also their responsibility to plan how to keep their animals safe during emergencies and natural disasters. This planner was created to aid owners in this aspect. With the help of the Louisiana Tech Equestrian Club, the class received various grants to have the information published for public use. This planner includes specific information on evacuating to the North Louisiana region, such as feed stores and veterinarian locations. It should be filled out, and kept in a tack room, office, trailer, vehicle, or other easy to access locations. Volunteers assisting in evacuation, sheltering, and rescue of horses should be able to access and use this information to help in emergencies.

Equine Emergency Planner created by the Louisiana Tech University Equestrian Club

Students enrolled in ANSC 405 Applied Animal Nutrition created brochures on specific species nutritive needs, and emergency planning for their assigned species.  Click on the species below to open a pdf file of the student projects:

Below are pictures of Louisiana Tech volunteers helping at the temporary animal shelter in Lincoln Parish during the hurricanes of 2008.

La Tech students help out at a temporary animal shelter during Hurricane Gustav.

Students from Lousiana Tech were the base for the volunteer work at a temporary animal shelter in Lincoln Parish during Hurricane Gustav.  These students helped check in animals, cleaned kennels and walked dogs, in addition to other various duties.


Great Dane being walked at an animal shelter in Lincoln Parish.


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