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Workforce Development

Workforce Assistance Programs Available from Louisiana Tech

The Louisiana Workforce Commission recognizes Louisiana Tech University as a primary training provider and offers offering educational, training, certification, and job assistance opportunities that can be completed online through the Continuing Education and Distance Learning program and the Global Campus.  For more information call 318-257-4433 or follow the links below.

Workforce Assistance

Continuing Education and Distance Learning Program

Global Campus


Services for Employers -

The Louisiana Workforce Commission has a program called Workforce Development. This is available to businesses to enhance the education and training of their employees. The Small Business Employee Training (SBET) allows for training and classes with reimbursement for tuition and textbooks up to $3,000 per trainee per state fiscal year. A customized training called the Incumbent Worker Training Program (IWTP) provides benefits to businesses by assisting in skill development of existing employees to enhance productivity and growth of the company. For more information and resources visit-

Main Page- http://www.laworks.net/WorkforceDev/WFD-MainMenu.asp

Incumbent Worker Training Program-www.laworks.net/WorkforceDev/IWTP/IWTP_MainMenu.asp

Services for employers also includes-

Recruitment Services- Post job openings, find qualified candidates, and access to a wide variety of information designed to help a business succeed.

Employer Incentives- To help you find out if you qualify for local, state, or federal tax incentives.

Education Services- To find a suitable training or educational program, as well as information on training providers and schools.

For these and more services visit- www.voshost.com/default.asp


Services For Individuals-

The Louisiana Workforce Commission also has many services for individuals. Some of these services are-

Career Services- Research specific occupations, choose a new career or analyze your skills to find an occupation that best suits you.

Education Services- Find a suitable training or educational program, as well as information on training providers and schools.

Community Services- Find community services for which you are eligible, such as health, welfare, nutrition, and financial assistance programs.

Unemployment Services- Information about how to file for benefits, which benefits you are entitled to, and determining your eligibility.

Job Seeker Services- Find assistance in looking for or getting placed in a new job and learn how to develop effective resumes and cover letters.

This and more information on other services are available at- www.voshost.com/default.asp