Our Objectives

Foster development of partnerships with K-12 institutions
Assistance is provided to school districts in the development of programs that address district specific needs. This currently includes demonstration teaching projects and alternative certification programs.

Develop and implement innovative curricula
Faculty expertise in pedagogy and content area experts collaborate to develop curricula that meets state frameworks and prepares students for the pursuit of higher education

Improve teacher preparation programs
Providing a variety of field experiences to better prepare teacher candidates for the classroom environment.

Promote professional development opportunities for inservice teachers
Through the NASA Educator Resource Center and with the cooperation of faculty, programs are developed to address the specific needs of teachers. Whether the focus is on content or teaching methods, the College of Education is well prepared to provide programs to meet the needs of school districts.

Promote student and faculty development
Through Saturday Science programs, summer programs, and other activities of the college, both faculty and students have the opportunity to interact with K-12 students to enhance educational growth.

Promote partnerships with business and industry.
It is essential to recruit and foster partnerships with area business and industry leaders to insure that educational programs provide the private sector with a pool of potential employees that possess the necessary skills to make a positive contribution to their employers. While the financial support provided by the private sector is essential, the contributions in knowledge and expertise are essential.