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M-031 Lucien Flournoy Rountree, Flournoy Family History, 1562-1865, and Family Correspondence, 1824-1865.


Research manuscript by a descendant of the Flournoy family, early settlers of Caddo Parish, Louisiana; included is personal correspondence of Alfred Flournoy, a large planter and close friend of James K. Polk (whose letters appear in the collection). 1 folder.


Research paper Flournoy Family History (1562-1865).
Appendix containing copies of family correspondence and a few other letters.
Two letters, 1824, from Alfred Flournoy in Louisiana and Mississippi to his wife Martha in Pulaski, Tennessee. Letter to Alfred Flournoy in Tennessee from James K. Polk in Washington, 1827.
Letter to Martha Flournoy in Tennessee from friend Martha Mouton in Louisiana, 1827.
Three letters from James K. Polk to his friend Alfred Flournoy in Pulaski, Tennessee, 1827 and 1828.
Letter to Alfred Flournoy from his brother William in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1828.
Letter from President Franklin D. Roosevelt to Mayor Sam S. Caldwell thanking him for one of the Flournoy letters, 1938.
Letter to Dr. Alfred Flournoy in East Tennessee from his wife Martha, 1831.
Letter from James K. Polk in Columbia to Alfred Flournoy in Pulaski, Tennessee, 1835.
Political letter to Alfred Flournoy from 20 of his friends in Pulaski, 1837.
Letter to Mrs. Elizabeth Flournoy, Pulaski, from her husband Silas in Caddo, Pleasant Point, 1838, about plans for his family and his brother Alfred's family to settle in Louisiana.
Letter to Alfred Flournoy, Shreveport, La. from Silas in Pulaski, 1838, on the problem of getting an overseer to go to Shreveport.
Letter to Dr. Alfred Flournoy from General A. Mounton in Natchitoches, 1842, about his political campaign for Governor of Louisiana.
Newspaper clipping about Mouton's campaign.
Two letters between Alfred Flournoy and his son Alfred, Jr., 1851[?], 1852.
Letters written during the Civil War, 1861-1865, by family members, several of whom were serving in the Confederate Army during that period.

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