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M-046 James A. Ramsey (d.1887), Correspondence, 1862-1887.


Letter books of an attorney and prominent citizen of Farmerville, Union Parish, Louisiana; personal and business correspondence. 2 boxes.

RESTRICTION: Items are too brittle to be viewed.


Vol. 1: Jul. 27, 1882 - Sep. 3, 1883:
Business letters to clients, firms, and other persons concerning legal matters, primarily of a civil law nature such as notes, legal contracts, and a divorce case.
Letters about employing a teacher for the secondary school in Farmerville.
Letters concerning Ramsey's church, the Farmerville Baptist Church, on subjects such as the Baptist singing school and his activities as superintendent of the Baptist Sabbath School.
Personal letters to his father, H. W. Ramsey, a farmer in Union Parish, and to his mother; news of one child's death and the birth of another; other personal information.

Vol. 2: Sep. 28, 1883 - Oct. 13, 1885:
The bulk of the letters deal with such civil legal matters as property sales and settlements, notes, claims, successions, and a divorce case. Some correspondence about criminal cases in Union Parish.
Correspondence relative to his religious activities:
Letters to Rev. R. Parvin about Parvin's property and about the religious life of the community.
Letters to other church officials and, as church committee man, to inactive church members.
Letter about Ramsey's writing a history of the Concord Baptist Association.
Letters ordering religious materials for his Sabbath schools which he was sponsoring.
Letters about the Baptist singing school.
Letters about the Baptist Convention.
Letter to Rev. A. P. Scofield about the probability that the Farmerville Church would call Scofield.
Letters concerning Keachi College:
Letters about an invitation to speak at the college and later about the success of the speech.
Correspondence with Rev. J. N. Coleman, President of Keachi College on the liquor in the vicinity of Keachi College (and dealing with other subjects).
Letters accepting his appointment as a director of the college and related matters.
Political correspondence:
Letters as chairman of the Democratic Executive Committee in Union Parish.
Letter to Rep. E. T. Sellers about appointment of a new Parish assessor; recommending Willie McFarland to Peabody.
Letter to Rep. W. A. VanHook about McFarland.
Letters recommending persons in Union Parish suitable to be appointed U. S. Supervisor of Elections.
Letters concerning the proposed whiskey elections.
Personal correspondence:
Letters to his parents.
Letters to U. S. Congressman trying to secure fish for his father's pond.
Letters written mainly for his wife ordering merchandise.
Letters to his sister Alice at school in Warren, Arkansas. Replies to letters of invitation to address various groups.


Vol. 3: October 13, 1885 - December 17, 1887: The majority of the correspondence still concerns legal affairs: trials, claims, judgments, collection of notes, lawsuits, suits of succession, property rights, tutorship, fees, etc.
Letters to clients, to other attorneys, to Judge John Young, to Judge E. M. Graham.
Letters about a criminal case.
Letters to law officials in Union and neighboring parishes. Other letters listed below.
Letters written for his church and about religious matters:
Letter to Elder J. R. Edwards concerning a possible call to the Farmerville Church pastorate and one to A. P. Scofield explaining why he was not called by Ramsey's church.
Letter to C. B. Freeman and one to S. T. Cobb concerning the pastorate.
Letters to other preachers and church men.
Letters ordering religious materials.
Letter about Southern Baptist Association matters.
Political correspondence:
Letter to his uncle, J.H. Simmons, about the congressional race and Gen. Young as candidate, and other letters about the forthcoming election favoring E. M. Graham and thereby hoping to overthrow the McEnery "ring" in Union Parish.
Political letters to Judge E. M. Graham, Vienna, Louisiana, George E. Murphy, Oakland, Louisiana, and Dr. Hamilton, Downsville, Louisiana.
Letters to political leaders of Ward 7 on the mass Democratic meeting planned for November 10, 1887, in Farmerville, with Nicholls and McEnery as speakers - not to let it keep them from attending the planned November 5 meeting.
Letter to Congressman J. C. Moncure concerning efforts to carry Union Parish against McEnery. Political papers to the editor of the Picayune regarding attacks of the McEnery papers on the Democratic Executive Committee of Union Parish and asking for publication of an article he had written. Other political letters.
Personal correspondence:
Letters to his father about family affairs.
Letters answering invitations to speak at Ruston College and Mt. Lebanon College.
Letters mentioning the death of his baby girl, the death of his mother, and the severe illness of his son Earnest. Letter mentioning the proposed railroad going through Farmerville.
Letters about the Trimble affair.
Letter, November 16, to his father about his difficulties with J.E. Trimble, editor of the Farmerville Gazette, and a possible libel suit against Trimble.
Letter to Judge Graham, asking his advice about this matter.
Letter to Editor of the Farmers' Union, Roan, Louisiana enclosing for publication a card signed by Union Parish citizens and an article by Ramsey in response to Trimble's articles.
Other letters in November and December 1887 about the Trimble difficulty.

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