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M-054 Hoss Family, Papers, 1847-1971.


Nathaniel Hoss was an early settler, planter, and commission merchant in Caddo Parish, Louisiana; his son, James M. Hoss, was one of the founders and benefactors of the town of Hosston, Louisiana; includes deeds, business records, and related correspondence of three generations of the Hoss family. 7 folders.


Genealogical notes:
Biographical sketch of Bishop E. Embree Hoss (1849-1919).
Genealogical list of family and descendants of Nathaniel Hoss (1823-1873).

Legal records, 1843-1906:
Land grant, Caddo Parish, 1843.
Deeds to Nathan Hoss, James M. Hoss, Sr., and other members of the Hoss family and related persons, mainly in Caddo Parish.
Bills of sale for slaves to Nathan Hoss, 1848-1856.
Petition for civil suit, affidavit concerning streets of Hosston, and other legal documents of the Hoss family.

Nathaniel Hoss business papers, 1849-1874:
Promissory notes paid by Nathan Hoss.
Bills received for goods bought for personal and plantation use and for professional services rendered.
Tax receipts.
Bills received as a commission agent in Caddo Parish.
Bills by Robert Hamilton estate to Nathan Hoss for various products sold and services rendered by estate slaves, 1853-1857, through Nathan Hoss.
Statements of account with William F. Hamilton estate, 1855.
Bills for goods bought from wholesale merchants.
Bill for services of overseer, 1857.
Bills of lading.
Receipt for payment of farm labor.
School bill, 1858.
Four letters, 1868 and 1871, from Nathan Hoss in Shreveport to his son James M. Hoss regarding goods shipped to the latter for re-sale in the store of Hoss and Tyson; including list of suggested prices, advice about customers and store business, and instructions on the handling of his, Nathan's, affairs in his absence.
Letter from attorneys concerning Hoss's administering of the E.C. Hart succession.
Business records of Elstner & Hoss, 1872, 1873.
Several bills to Elstner & Hoss, 1874 (after death of Nathan Hoss in 1873).

James M. Hoss, Sr., business papers, 1869-1899:
Two letters, 1869, ordering goods from Hoss & Tyson, store owners.
Statements of account of George W. Hoss with James M. Hoss, 1874-1875.
Other itemized statements of customers' accounts, 1874, 1875, 1877.
Papers dealing with estate of Nathan Hoss handled by James M. Hoss, executor. Itemized list, promissory notes and letter, 1876-1878.
A customer's account book, 1877, 1878.
Receipts for legal fees for collections, promissory notes, bills, and statements of accounts. One receipt refers to succession of Noah Tyson.
Statement of account between James Hoss and Jacob Hoss.
Letters from Hicks & Hicks, attorneys, concerning lawsuits.
Papers dealing with settlement of accounts between James M. Hoss and Jacob Hoss, Sr.
Shipping charges for cotton.
Bill for lumber for building, 1899.
Attorney's fee to Emma Hoss, widow of J.M. Hoss, concerning tutorship of minor heirs, 1899.

James M. Hoss, Jr., business papers, 1900-1906:
Bills from merchants for goods and supplies for personal use.
Bill from cotton factor for sale of cotton.
Bills and a letter from wholesale merchants for various kinds of merchandise, presumably for his mercantile establishment in Hosston.
Receipts from W.F. Taylor, wholesale grocers and cotton factors, and other wholesale merchants.
Cancelled checks, mainly business, 1903-1906.

Miscellaneous papers, 1865-1965:
Miscellaneous papers of individuals connected with the Hoss family.
Map of Hosston, showing lots, 1902.
Drawing of Hosston schoolhouse and bill of sale for lumber to J.M. Hoss, Jr., 1901-1903.
Photograph of store interior [J.M. Hoss Jr.?]

Research paper, "Hosston Revisited," by Ken Lantrip, a descendant of the Hosses. Paper deals with the history of the town and the Hoss family, for whom the town was named. Based mainly on interview with Mrs. James M. Hoss, Jr., in Hosston.

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