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M-072 Roland Jones (1813-1869), Family Papers, 1840-1969.


Papers of prominent attorney, U.S. Congressman, district judge of Caddo Parish, Louisiana, and a pioneer resident of Shreveport; include mainly correspondence of Roland Jones and his wife, Anne Neville Stokes, and that of their descendants in Louisiana. Letters cover political, professional, social and family matters. 3 boxes.


Jones family biographical and genealogical papers: Obituary of Belinda Randall Thomson. Biographical sketch of Roland Jones. Family record pages from family Bible (1818). Biography of Annie Jones Randall. Genealogical notes on Randall family. Copy of family record pages from Pickett family Bible, 1874. Obituary of James Belton Pickett, III. Genealogical notes on the Roland Jones family. Genealogical notes on the Montfort Stokes family and description of the Roland Jones home. Biography of Roland Jones. Letter to Mrs. Wilkinson (1940) on the Jones family. Letter to Mrs. Charles Randall (1942) on the Jones family. Abstract of will of Samuel Jones, 1775.

Montfort Stokes biographical and genealogical papers: Photograph of Montfort Stokes home and Stokes seal. "The Stokes Family" (4pp.) by Myrtle M. Lewis. Biography of Montfort Stokes, former governor of North Carolina. Biographical notes on the Stokes family. Genealogical notes on the Montfort Stokes family. Story of Stokes County, N.C., and Hon. John Stokes, from a history of North Carolina. Letter (1837) from Montfort S. Stokes while in the U. S. Navy at St. Petersburg, Russia. "The Life of Montfort Stokes in the Indian Territory," by Grant Foreman form The North Carolina Historical Review. Genealogical notes on the Crain family.

Roland Jones papers, 1840-1869: Law diploma from Harvard, 1840. Sheriff's sale of land in Caddo Parish to Roland Jones, 1851. Letter from Anne to husband Roland Jones in New Orleans, 1851, about social and family affairs. Letter to Anne from sister Kate, 1852? Several letters from Roland to Anne from New Orleans and other Louisiana towns about business, political, and property matters (1853). Correspondence, 1853-1855, between Roland Jones and wife Anne while he was in Washington as a member of the House of Representatives and she was living with their three children in Shreveport. His letters relate social and political news, his ambitions, his loneliness, and his concern for his family. Tells of a near duel between two congressmen. Her letters tell of family affairs, their children, her garden, illness in the family and among their Negroes, yellow fever in Shreveport, fires and other local matters such as the high cost of living and the weather. In the Spring of 1854 they write planning for her to meet him that summer for a visit at her family's home in Wilkesboro, North Carolina and take trips to Washington and New York together. A few letters to Anne in North Carolina from Roland in Washington before her return to Shreveport. A few letters to Anne in Shreveport from Roland in Washington and North Carolina before his return to Louisiana. One letter from Roland from New Orleans March 1855, on his way home. The 1853-1855 correspondence includes a few letters from their son Montfort ("June") to his father, one from Roland to his son at school, and a few other letters to Anne from relatives and friends. Letters, 1856-1860, received mainly by Anne Jones from son Montfort, daughter Kate, friends and relatives. Two letters (1860) from Roland Jones to son Montfort, one telling him of his own struggles for an education and giving him advice and the second discussing the possibility of Louisiana's session from the Union. Rachel Stokes's will. Letters, 1861-64, written during the Civil War. Letters from Roland Jones to cousin in New York on the state of affairs in the seceding South. Letters from Roland to son Montfort at college in South Carolina, first giving political news of the Confederacy, later (1862) advising him not to enlist yet but to complete his education. A few letters from Anne to son at school and later to a camp in Arkansas. One letter to her brother in Virginia. Letter from Roland to Anne (1863). A soldier's letter (1864) from Montfort to his mother from camp in Arkansas. Sheriff's sale to Roland Jones of land in Caddo Parish, 1863. Letters, 1866-1869, received mainly by Anne Jones from various members of the family. Includes last letter received (1868) from Roland before his death in 1869 written from New Orleans where he had been living, ill, with his son Montfort.

Anne Jones correspondence, 1870-1886: Letters received by Anne Jones mainly from members of her family. Montfort wrote of professional affairs, social events and personal and family matters. Effie wrote from Virginia Female Institute and later from Coushatta. A few letters from Roland at school in Texas. A few letters from daughter Kate and her sister Adelaide Crain. One letter from a member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1877) concerning the academy [U.S. Military Academy?].

Montfort Stokes Jones correspondence, 1861-1899: Letter to Montfort from friend Charlie Sebastian, 1861. Attorney's license, 1868. Several letters from friend Richard Weightman about literature and Montfort's writings. Obituary of Montfort's first wife, 1870, and his writing about her. Letter from H.S. Dawson, 1872, about a legal case. Correspondence, 1882, of Montfort with his family and friends while he was a practicing attorney in Coushatta. Political speech by Montfort, 1883? Genealogical notes on Ford-Kline family. Letter to Montfort in Shreveport, 1889, from an acquaintance. Letter concerning legal matters, 1890, to Montfort in Opelousas as Assistant U. S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Louisiana. Legal statement of transfer of patent by Montfort, 1890. Anniversary note to his wife, 1893. Business and personal letters received 1893-1898 in Shreveport. Poem by Montfort. Letters to his daughter Kate 1898-1899 at Mary Baldwin Seminary in Staunton, Va. Two undated speeches.

Gold Point Plantation Ledger, 1902-1903: Ledger of the plantation owned by the Pickett family in Caddo Parish.


Kate Jones Pickett Family correspondence, ca. 1885-1968: Writings of Kate Jones. Letter to Kate from C.E. Byrd, principal of the Shreveport High School, 1898. A few notes and letters from family and suitors, 1898. Letter to Kate's mother, Florence B. Jones, from nephew Roland, 1903. Letters from Florence Jones to daughter Kate in California after latter's marriage to J.B. Pickett in 1903, 1903-1904. Other personal letters to Kate, 1904. Letters to J. Belton Pickett from his brother Neville and his mother-in-law, 1904. Letter from Florence (Mrs. M.S.) Jones to the Catholic priest seeking dispensation for her daughter's marriage, 1904. Letters to Florence from relatives. Letter from J.B. Pickett, Jr. from a sanitarium to his wife Kate, 1908. Several business letters to J. B. Pickett, 1908. Several personal letters to Kate's mother, Florence, from relatives including Belton Pickett, 1908-1909. Letters from Kate, 1909, to her mother about personal matters, including news of her little daughter Florence, and other letters from relatives and friends. Letters of sympathy (1909) to Kate on the death of her mother. One reply by Kate. Personal letters, 1910-1912, to Kate from various persons. Certificates and other records for J.B. Pickett Jr., 1917. Correspondence, 1925-27, between Kate Pickett and her daughter Florence while latter was at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Some correspondence with her father, J. B. Pickett. Correspondence, 1927-1930? between Florence Pickett (from New York City) and her parents Kate and J.B. Pickett, while Florence was working, attending classes, and acting in the theater. Letter to Belton Pickett, 1930, from dentist relative in New York sympathizing with the former's misfortune. Letters, 1930, from J. Belton Pickett to his wife Kate while she was in Beaumont, Texas, selling books. One letter from Kate to Belton. Two letters, 1930, 1934, from Florence to her mother Kate. Writings by Kate Pickett. Judgment of divorce of Florence Pickett Dallman against Paul Henry Dallman, 1938. Letter to Kate, 1942, from Paul Dallman and 1947 from Roland Pickett. Card (1949) and letter (undated) from Neville Pickett to J.B. Pickett. Letters to Kate, 1951-52, from Roland J. Pickett from New Orleans about the death of Neville Pickett, his will, and his correspondence with the Veterans Administration. Obituary of Florence Dallman, 1952, and letters of sympathy to young Paul and Kate, 1952-1953. Letters to Kate, 1953, from Paul Dallman about Florence and about his desire to contribute to young Paul's support. Papers, 1968, concerning portrait of Mrs. James Belton Pickett, entered in the Louisiana Portrait Index for the National Society of Colonial Dames.

Annie Jones Randall correspondence, 1871-1947: Personal correspondence from about 1871 to 1882 with Charles Randall and others. Letters received after her marriage to Charles Randall from members of family and friends while in Rhode Island. 1893-1904 - Deeds, transfers of stock and other legal and business papers, mainly concerned with the Hyansons Iron Mountain Springs Company and land in Harrison County, Texas. A few letters, announcements and business papers of Charles and Annie Randall, 1904-1915, including telegram and letter about death of Charles's father, 1908. Transfer of stock to Charles Randall, 1919. Letters received by Annie (a few by Charles) from family and friends, 1919-1944, mainly about family and social events. Letters of sympathy on death of Charles, 1944. A few business papers during this period. Letters, cards and invitations received, 1945-1947, about family news and concerns.

Belinda Randall Thomson correspondence, 1890-1969: A few letters received from family members when she was a girl. Letters and notes, 1901-1917, from suitors, mainly W.V. Thomson until her marriage to him about 1917. 1918-1926 - Letters received by W.V. Thomson's father, J.W. Thomson, from his son, friends, and relatives. A few business papers of both W.V. Thomson and J.W. Thomson. Letters received, 1938-1969, and cards and invitations from family and friends.


Newspaper clippings: Obituaries of descendants of Roland Jones and their friends. Obituaries of prominent residents of Shreveport. Clippings relating to history of Shreveport and Caddo and Bossier Parishes. Clippings of weddings and other social events. The clippings span about 100 years, many undated, earliest seems to be 1859.

Miscellaneous: A few letters to other members or relatives of the Jones family not previously listed. Testimonials, ca. 1920, about a set of books The Real America in Romance. School papers and poetry. Military records of R.L. Leonard, 1965.

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