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M-094 James Govan Taliaferro (1798-1876), Papers, 1814-1903.


Politician and jurist of Catahoula Parish, Louisiana, owned and operated Harrisonburg Independent; served as associate justice of Louisiana Supreme Court from 1866 until death; opposed secession during Civil War; includes papers of children, collection provides some interesting detail on family relations and living conditions during the period. 1 folder.


Letter to J. G. Taliaferro from Dick, concerning returning some lost ponies. Oct. 5, 1814.
Letter from C [Charley ?] Patterson concerning legal evidence. May 11, 1816.
Petition of Zachary Taliaferro against estate of Charley Patterson. Nov. 12, 1821.
Appointment of James G. Taliaferro as Barkly Creek post office assistant by James Ruggles. April 2, 1832.
Field notes of survey for the Heirs of Lindsey. November 4, 1836.
Petition of Stephen Tickell of James G.Taliaferro, judge for law books. March 23,1843.
Letter from Emily P [?] Waters. December 20,1845.
Letter from James G. Taliaferro to his wife. July 25, 1849.
Letter from daughters Elizabeth and Mary. March 26, 1851.
Letter from Robert Kinkead [?]. January 5, 1851.
Letter from John Livingston, American Legal Association, June 1851.
Letter from Henry O. McEnery concerning land transfer. March 15, 1855.
Letter from R. W. Taliaferro to his father concerning loose hogs. November 4, 1861.
Letter from T. Alexander to his uncle thanking him for a trunk and contents. March 10, 1867.
Letter from H. Bullard Taliaferro to his father about certain pending lawsuits, other legal matters, and his father's possible election to the convention. May 17, 1867.
Petition of Anthony Vaisin and Edward Druett against James G. Taliaferro for $319.94 plus interest on a promissory note. March 28, 1867.
Letter from John T. Ronton [Routon?] concerning delivery of a box. August 19, 1868.
Letter from R. W. Taliaferro to his father about non-payment of an insurance premium. May 13, 1869.
Bill for shipment of 1 box of pictures Jan. 10, 1870. Marked paid. April 7, 1871.
Letter from T. Alexander to his grandfather. February 3, 1871.
Letter from H. B. Taliaferro [also a judge?] to his father concerning a legal patent and about sending some merchandise. February 28, 1871.
Letter from H. B. Taliaferro to his father about sending some merchandise, some legal matters, and some periodical printed matter (printed by Negroes). December 18, 1871.
Letter from T. Alexander to his grandfather concerning revenue stamps, post office receipts, and family ills and travels. April 16, 1872.
Letter from H. B. Taliaferro to his father discussing the continuance of his case, flooring needed for his house, some food stuffs requested. Postscript orders cotton, flour, tobacco, and hams for Carpenter Neal. May 13[?], 1872.
Letter from H. B. Taliaferro to his father thanking him for "freight" including oranges. He had injured his hand. December 19, 1873.
Letter from First Congregational (Unitarian) Church, May 18, 1874.
Letter from Isidore Newman & Bro. requesting payment. September 9, 1874.
Receipt of payment of $325.27 to Isidore Newman & Bro. November 19, 1874.
Letter from H. B. Taliaferro to his father expressing opposition to troops being sent to the scene of a murder trial in his jurisdiction (Franklin). November 15, 1874.
Letter from Wm. Howell Reed requesting payment, old and new. July 19, 1875.
Letter from Jan Hoopue [?] [Housue?] asks for help for her nearly destitute family. November 10, 1875.
Letter from H. B. Taliaferro concerning court dockets. April 4, 1876.
Letter from H. B. Taliaferro with news of the murder of B. H. Dinkgrave in Monroe. September 3, 1876.
Letter from S. B. A. to her son with general news, a visit to another son and a visit in New Orleans.
Letter to Mr. Smith from D. W. Taliaferro demanding the vacating of premises -- an "eviction notice". June 18, 1884.
Summons to appear in court: To W. H. Smith, signed by J. S. Alexander, March 4, 1890.
Invoice for 1/2 Golden Gate Molasses- $5.72 to J.S. Alexander. Paid April 24, 1903.
Letter, Laura A. to her mother, August. 28, 1884.
Receipt of Nov. 9, 1874 is for $3,254.27.
Letter from S.B.A. to her son June 12, 1880.

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