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The Sparta Aquifer is a highly threatened valuable natural resource for sixteen northern Louisiana parishes, providing a source of drinking water and also a major source of water for agricultural and industrial uses. Use of this aquifer far exceeds its recharge ability, thus reducing the availabilty of not only potable water, but also its availabilty as a commercially viable source of freshwater.

A link to the Sparta Ground Water Commission District's website and the official records in .pdf form are now being offered through the Special Collections. Records are updated monthly as they are received.





Financial Statements

2007 Budget

2006-01 Financial Statement

2006 Annual Report

2005 Annual Report

2004 Annual Report

2003 Annual Report


June 2008
6/12/2008 Sparta Minutes
               Page 1
               Page 2
               Page 3
Attachment I - Agenda
Attachment II - Financial Statement
Attachment III - Resolution 2008-3
                 Cover Letter
                 Resolution 2008-3 Page 1      
                 Resolution 2008-3 Page 2
Attachment IV - Resolution #2 2008
Attachment V - Resolution No. 6356
Attachment VI - Letter from Senator Thompson
Attachment VII - Member Sign-In
Attachment VIII - Guest Sign-In
April 2008
4/10/2008 Sparta Minutes
               Page 1
               Page 2
Attachment I - Agenda
               Page 1
               Page 2
Attachment II - Resolution
Attachment III - Financial Statement
Attachment IV - Member Sign-In
Attachment V - Guest Sign-In
 February 2008

 2/7/2008 Sparta Minutes 

                Page 1

                Page 2

                Page 3

 Attachment I - Agenda

 Attachment II - Sparta Aquifer Recovery Study: Request for Federal Funding

 Attachment III - Financial Statement
Attachment IV - Public Relations/Education Report 
 Attachment V - Member Sign-In

November 2007

11/8/2007 Sparta Minutes

Attachment I - Agenda

Attachment II - LA Office of Conservation Memo

Attachment III - Background-Cooperative Endeavor Agreement Possibility

Attachment IV - Financial Statement

Attachment V - 10/25/2007 Bi-State Sparta Meeting

Attachment VI - Long-Term Planning Report

11/8/2007 Attendance: Members

11/8/2007 Attendance: Others

September 2007

9/13/2007 Sparta Minutes

9/13/2007 Sparta Agenda

July 2007

7/12/2007 Sparta Minutes

7/12/2007 Sparta Incentives

June 2007

2007/06/14 Meeting: Minutes

2007/06/14 Meeting: Agenda and Attachments

May 2007

05/10/2007 Meeting: Minutes

05/10/2007 Meeting: Agenda and Reports

05/10/2007 Meeting: Activity Record and Correspondence

March 2007

03/08/2007 Meeting: Long Term Plan Report

03/08/2007 Meeting: Notice

03/08/2007 Meeting: Minutes

03/08/2007 Meeting: Agenda and Reports

03/08/2007 Meeting: Resolutions

February 2007

02/08/2007 Meeting: Committee Reports

02/08/2007 Meeting: Long Term Plan Report

02/08/2007 Meeting: Long Term Plan Report Appendix

02/08/2007 Meeting: Notice

02/08/2007 Meeting: Minutes

02/08/2007 Meeting: Agenda

January 2007

01/11/2007 Meeting: Committee Reports

01/11/2007 Meeting: Long Term Plan Report

01/11/2007 Meeting: Notice

01/11/2007 Meeting: Minutes

01/11/2007 Meeting: Agenda

December 2006

12/12/2006 Meeting: Minutes

12/12/2006 Meeting: Agenda

November 2006

11/14/2006 Meeting: Minutes

August 2006

08/29/2006 Meeting: USGS Report

08/29/2006 Meeting: Minutes

08/29/2006 Meeting: Agenda





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