Speech Communication Courses

SPCH 110:  Principles of Speech
0-3-3.  Designed to develop the principles of effective oral communication in typical speaker-audience situations, through practice in informative and persuasive speaking (Cannot be taken for credit if student has credit for SPCH 377.)  Statewide Transfer Agreement Course".

SPCH 203:  Interpersonal Communication
0-3-3.  Study of the verbal and nonverbal dimensions of interpersonal relationships including dialogues, interviews, and dyadic systems

SPCH 211:  Public Speaking
0-3-3.  Preq,  SPCH 110 or permission of instructor.  This course is concerned with developing advanced skill in special occasion speeches, the book review, the entertaining speech, and effective reading from an original speech.

SPCH 260:  The Mass Media
0-3-3.   Consideration of these media from the viewpoint of their audience; emphasizes the development of objective standards for evaluating mass communication.  Open to all students.

SPCH 300:  Argumentation
0-3-3.  A study of the principles of group discussion and debate with practical experience in each.  State Transfer Agreement Course".

SPCH 303;  Nonverbal Communication
0-3-3.  Study of the effects of space, physical properties or persons, movement, eye and vocal behavior on interpersonal communication.

SPCH 315:  Survey of Rhetoric
0-3-3.  Preq. SPCH 110.  Advised, SPCH 211.  The development of responsiveness to prose, poetry, drama, and the ability to communicate the logical, emotional, and aesthetic elements to others.

SPCH 325:  Introduction to Communication Research Methods
0-3-3.  A study of the goals and methods of research with emphasis on understanding the nature and structure of communication.

SPCH 377:  Professional Speaking
0-3-3.  Designed to establish a foundation for effective speaking in informative speaking, in the interview, and in communication from the manuscript.  (Cannot be taken for credit if student has credit for SPCH 110.)

SPCH 390:  Special Topics in the Science of Communication
0-3-3.  This course is concerened with developing advanced social scientific knowledge in speech communication areas such as Conflict & Negotiation Resolution, Persuasion, and Interpersonal Communication.

SPCH 395:  Special Topics in the Rhetoric of Communication
0-3-3.  This course is concerned with developing advanced knowledge in rhetorical analysis in areas such as Popular Culture, Visual Rhetoric, and American Rhetorical Traditions. 

SPCH 417:  Seminar in Speech Communication
0-3-3.  Selected current issues/topics in an identified area of theory or application within the field of Speech Communication.

SPCH 431;  Organizational Communications
0-3-3.  Focuses on the factors related to communication processes within government, private, and volunteer organizations.

SPCH 433:  Applied Organizational Communication  
0-3-3.  Application of communication practices in organizational settings including the practical considerations that arise in conducting communication surveys. 

SPCH 439:  Rhetorical Criticism
0-3-3.  Rhetorical approaches to the criticism of public communication.  Intensive practice in writing rhetorical analyses will be provided .

SPCH 455:  Communication Theory
0-3-3.  An examination and synthesis of theoretical approaches to contemporary communication theory with special emphasis on interpersonal contexts.

SPCH 466: Group Processes
0-3-3.  Theory and practice of conducting group meetings, group discussions, to include parliamentary procedure.

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