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This Peer Leadership Council (PLC) program provides a valuable service for many university students and university organizations. It invites fraternities, sororities, resident halls and/or campus organizations to request presentations. Given a two-week notice, a team of two PLC members will prepare a presentation from the list of topics below. Organization chairmen or program directors may access R.A.P. on-line (see application below) or complete and submit in writing the 'Request for a Presentation' application housed in the PLC Brochure. Brochures can be obtained from Counseling Services, 310 Keeny Hall.

R.A.P. Presentation Request Topics

A.C.E. (Achieving the College Edge): Improving study/testing methods

Chill Out: Managing stress in a stressful environment

Creating Your Own Future: Career decision-making

End the Silence: Information about preventing STDs/HIV/AIDs

Relationships That Make or Break: Healthy and unhealthy associations

Sex Without Consent:  Acquaintance rape (precautions and preventions)

Sober Reflections: Safe and responsible decisions concerning alcohol

Healing Images: A serious reflection on eating disorders

*Other special topic presentations may be arranged with prior notice.


Request A Program
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