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Peer Leadership

                    Peer Leadership

Is your group or organization seeking a presentation speaker who will address today's college challenges?  Are you personally in need of individualized, one-on-one consultation with an informed student leader?  The Peer Leadership Council may be right for you!  Check out these specific services and much more.

Active and informed peer leadership is important for all campuses and Louisiana Tech University truly has its share of distinguished and talented students. Counseling Services, through the establishment of the Peer Leadership Council, utilizes this valuable student resource, making it an integral part of its program.



The Peer Leadership Council, conveniently called the PLC, is a group of peer leaders who are trained by Licensed Professional Counselors through a prerequisite three hour credit course, Kinesiology 433C (Dynamics of Peer Leadership). This course is offered during the spring quarter to students who express  interest and are qualified through recommendation.  Course instructors prepare students to invest in leadership roles, advise and consult on college issues, lead discussions groups, and deliver pertinent information through creative programming on a variety of life-skill topics applicable to the college population. 

Are you interested in PLC membership? Contact Counseling Services, 257-2488. 




 Back row (left to right): Kristin Robertson, Will Baker, Tyler Sipes, David Mcgloflin, Bridget Watts.
Middle row (left to right): Mira Bull, Jessica Johnson, Ecombi Shelton, Jarica Johnson, Tasashama Nard
Front row (left to right): Aaron Ashley LeBlanc, Destiny Hughes, Stephanie Ann Akers, Brittany Miller


The Peer Leadership Council (PLC) was established in the summer of 1992.  Since its conception, over 300 informed and qualified students have served as peer leaders sharing current and relative informtion to thousands of Louisiana Tech students - ranging from freshmen to graduate level including both the traditional and non-traditional. The PLC has been characterized by the Louisiana Tech administration as one of the most influencial student groups on campus because of the volume of student contacts and topics of presentation.  



The Peer Leadership Council provides vital information to assist and support fellow Louisiana Tech University students, both individually or in groups in making healthier and wiser life choices.  Their enlightened knowledge translates into programs that do more than inform; they may redirect, change or even save lives.



Fraternities, sororities, residence hall personnel, other university organizations and even individual students may utilize the help of the Peer Leadership Council by accessing the PLC web-site or by verbal and/or written communication. The Peer Leadership Council is also noted for its instructional partnership role in Freshmen University Seminar - addressing most freshmen duing the fall, winter and spring quarters through a presentation entitled SEVEN.  This program addresses seven questions freshmen may ask during their first year in college and how student responses to these questions can 'make or break' a successful college experience. In addition, confidential, student consultation on a one-on-one basis with a PLC member is available. Last, the PLC support is often invited by Counseling Services, Student Affairs, and/or the University-at-large to assist in programs of merit and worth.



INFORMER The INFORMER, developed and produced by the PLC, is a collection of audio and video subjects about university events, college success and survival.  This site is designed to educate, inform and even entertain.  Its rich content is innovatively tailord to address specific concerns and interest of the college student through short video (vlogs). Videos are undated routinely.

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Leaders Influencing Future Thinking  (L.I.F.T) - An  initiative involving PLC members who devote personal energy and time to meet with peers confidentialy and one-on-one to discuss issues of concern, supply professional resources and offer referrals if concerns are beyond their scope of assistance or knowledge.  The goals of L.I.F.T. is to generate an atmosphere emphasizing four distinct principles:  acceptance, compassion, encouragement, knowledge.  Through L.I.F.T., students are invited to permit peer leaders to enter their 'quality world,' assisting them in making wiser life choices. 

Click L.I.F.T. (right column)  if you are a student seeking individualized help.


Request a Program  (R.A.P.) - This PLC program provides a valuable service for many university students and university organizations. It invites fraternities, sororities, resident halls and/or campus organizations to request presentations. The PLC in teams of two with at least two week's notice, will prepare a presentation from the list of topics below. Organization chairmen or program directors may access R.A.P. on-line  or complete and submit in writing the 'Request For a Presentation' application housed in the PLC Brochure. Brochures can be obtained from Counseling Services, 310 Keeny Hall.


       A.C.E.  (Achieving the College Edge) - Improving study/testing methods

     Chill Out  -  Managing stress in a stressful environment

     Creating Your Own Future  -  Career decision-making

     End the Silence Preventative information of STDs / HIV/AIDs

     Relationships That Make or Break - Healthy and unhealthy associations

     Sex Without Consent -Acquaintance rape: precautions and preventions

     Sober Reflections  - Safe and responsible decisions concerning alcohol

     Healing Images  -  A serious reflection on eating disorders 

    * Other special topic presentations may be arranged with prior notice.

Click R.A.P. (right column) if your group or organization needs a speaker on a topic pertinent to college life. 


SEVEN A stage production presented by the Peer Leadership Council to all freshmen through University Seminar. It addresses "seven" decisons or questions freshmen may ask their first year in college.

  #1    What is my true north?  (Defining universal values and the 12 tenents of Tech)

  #2   Who will protect me?   (Living confidently and safely on campus)

  #3   How far will I go?    (Making healthy and wise sexual decisions) 

  #4   Who's taking care of me now?   (Managing relationships, time and me)

  #5   How much is too much?    (Using alcohol and other controlling substances)

  #6   Where am I going / How will I get there? (Exploring careers and success paths) 

  #7   Who is controlling or in charge of my life? (Identifying influences good and bad)


University Support Program - The Peer Leadership Council plays a integral role in supporting Counseling Services, Student Affairs and University activities and events through the following:  Freshmen Fall Convocation, special called assemblies, alcohol, depression, and eating disorder screenings, University Health Fair, University Career Day, University Major's Fair, Relationship Week, alcohol and other drugs outreach, workshop assistance and personally "marketing" these and other services through supervising promotions "booths."