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Multicultural Affairs


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Our History: In 1989, Jerry Baldwin, an African American football coach working at Louisiana Tech at the time observed that underserved and underrepresented African American students needed an office that specifically served them. He identified the need for a "go-to-person" for African American students. Coach Baldwin and Dr. Jean Hall, vice president for student affairs, recognized that there was a lack of coordination and organization between minority student-led organizations as well as low levels of campus-wide participation. As a result, the University Minority Affairs Committee (UMAC) was formed in November of 1989 to proactively address concerns of minority groups on campus. This committee formed the foundation for what would become the Minority Affairs Office.

The Minority Affairs Office was first established in 1992 under the direction of Mertrude "Mert" Douglas to serve as a front-line resource for African American students. From its inception, the Minority Affairs Office's focus was geared toward empowering African American students by helping fledgling minority groups better organize and tap into campus-wide resources. Soon because of the office's scope, students, faculty, and administrative staff began to view the office as the information hub for Black students.

In anticipation of a shifting demographic paradigm at Louisiana Tech, the Minority Affairs Office was renamed in 1994 as the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA). 

Our Mission: The mission of the Office of Multicultural Affairs is to create learning and working environments on campus where students of color are empowered through educational, social, and leadership initiatives at Louisiana Tech University. OMA supports the university's mission by meeting the needs of faculty and students. Specifically, the Office of Multicultural Affairs is committed to creative leadership and strong advocacy that fosters and enriches campus diversity with a goal of promoting cultural understanding and positive relationships that supports students' success.

Although OMA's services are available to all students, faculty, and staff at Louisiana Tech and members of the Lincoln Parish community, its primary constituents are students of color and other traditionally underrepresented groups.

Constituent Groups: Based upon university enrollment data for 2007, African Americans comprise approximately 17% of the undergrad population. Hispanics comprise approximately 1.5% of the undergrad population, Asian/Pacific Islanders comprise approximately 1% of the undergrad population, and Native American Indians comprise approximately .5% of the undergrad population at Louisiana Tech University.

Departmental Structure: The Office of Multicultural Affairs is a department within the unit of Student Activities. Student Activities come under the umbrella of Student Life/Auxiliary Services that comes under the Division of Student Affairs. The Black Student Union serves as a student advisory council to the Office of Multicultural Affairs.

Affiliated Student Organizations




All students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to take advantage of the multicultural opportunities that are available during the academic year.





 Gospel Extravaganza  FALL
 Play in Howard Auditorium  FALL
 Young Sisters & Brothers (YBS) Week  FALL
 Leadership Retreat  FALL
 Unity Step Show  FALL
 Adopt-a-Family Project  FALL
 Christmas Fest  WINTER
 MLK Ecumenical Program  WINTER
 Southwestern Black Student Leadership Conference  WINTER
 Financial Planning Seminar  WINTER
 Health Seminar  SPRING
 Cultural Trip  SPRING
 Field Day  SPRING
 Big Event  SPRING
 Etiquette Seminar  SPRING
 College to Corporate  SPRING
 BSU Awards Banquet  SPRING
 Black Student Union/International Student Org. Mixer  SPRING




For more information, please contact:

Adam Collins, Coordinator
Office of Mutlicultural Affairs
Tolliver Hall 230
P.O. Box 8578
Ruston, LA 71272

Phone: (318) 257-3479
Fax: (318) 257-4184
Email: acollins@latech.edu

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