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Accommodations Information

Assistance with notes

If the student requesting the assistance with notes accommodation will not have an available notetaker, then assistance will be requested from the instructor(s) to locate student(s) in the class(es) willing to provide copies of their own notes. Arrangements will be made for the copies to be made with the appropriate department for the class, or NCR (or Carbon Paper) paper will be provided to the TDS registered student for use to have multiple copies of notes.

Policy for students receiving assistance with notes

Assistance with notes is awarded to students based on provided medical documentation.

It is the student's responsibility to work with the instructor to ensure notes in a timely manner.

Having assistance does not relieve you of the necessity to attend class(es). If you do not attend class, the notetaker is not obligated to provide you with materials from the missed class(es). It is the responsibility of the student to notify the instructor when the student needs to miss class(es). If the student misses three (3) classes without notifying the TDS or the instructor, then the student may lose their accommodation privileges. The student may request an appeal of the decision through the grievance procedures.

Procedures for notetakers assigned by instructors

Notes are to be delivered directly to the instructor or student approved for the service.

Notes should be available to the student no later than 24 hours after the class meeting.

Please notify the student or instructor, as soon as possible, if you will be absent from class. This will give the student the opportunity to make alternate arrangements.

Notetakers are to provide notes that are legible.



Alternative testing accommodations policy and procedure

Accommodation includes:

Extended time - you will be allowed extra time to complete the test. The amount of time will determine based on the type of test and the documentation provided by you. Industry standard is time and 1/2.

Scribe - you will dictate answers to TDS exam proctors.

Reader - Exam proctors will read the test to you or an audio version of the exam may be provided.

Taped Recorded Exam - the instructor will record the test onto audiocassette tapes.

Distraction Reduced Environment - student will be placed in a room mutually agreed upon by the instructor and student or in the TDS Testing Center. Louisiana Tech University TDS Coordinator or designee will proctor all tests in the Testing Center. Backpacks, books, and other items are not allowed in the Testing Center.

Accessing Testing Accommodations:

To access accommodations you must be registered with Testing & Disability Services. You and your instructor must agree to how accommodations will be implemented. We cannot process accommodations the same day of the test, most testing dates are on your syllabus, so plan ahead. You must also schedule exams 3-5 days before the test so the Coordinator can schedule your time. The instructor will state the time of the test on the accommodations form, know the time. If you do not have a proper block of time at the schedule time of your test, you must make arrangements with the Coordinator of TDS to take your test within your first free block of time. You must be on time. We do not extend your test time if you are late.

Cheating is not allowed. The instructor indicates what aids may be used for each test. The use of any unauthorized aids such as texts, notes, "cheat sheets," and/or calculators to gain an advantage on a test will be reported to the instructor with your test. We only proctor the test and must report to the instructor any information or aids not allowed in the testing room. You will be advised to meet with the instructor after the test.

Sign language interpreters accommodation policy

Sign Language Interpreters will be provided to Deaf and Hard of Hearing students who request and demonstrate a need for interpreters and ability to benefit from such accommodations. Students requesting interpreters must be registered with TDS. The type of interpreting provided will depend on the accommodation of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing students in the class. Interpreters will be provided for academic programs and college sponsored activities.

Priority of Accommodations

Requests from student and staff will be covered according to the following priorities:

  1. Academic classes
  2. Academic activities
  3. Student/instructor meetings
  4. College sponsored activities

Procedure for Requesting Interpreters

  1. Provide a copy of your class schedule 2 weeks before the start of the quarter and complete a Request for Interpreter Services form to ensure that an interpreter will be available on the first day of class. After this time, we will do our best to locate an interpreter, but we cannot guarantee that an interpreter will be available the first day of class.
  2. Students requesting an interpreter for academic and/or college sponsored activities must make the request in writing one week in advance. Oral requests made to staff will not be equated to formal requests. Last minute and emergency requests will only be filled, if interpreters are available.

Interpreter No-Shows

If an interpreter does not show up for an assignment, the student should contact TDS as soon as possible. If available, a replacement will be sent.

Student No-Shows

Student should notify TDS at least 24 hours in advance or as soon as possible if they will not be attending class, activity, or service.

Should a student not show up for a class, activity, or service, the interpreter will wait five minutes for each assignment. After the allotted time has expired, the interpreter will return to TDS.

Cancellation of Services

After a student is absent from three class sessions without notifying TDS, services for that student may be interrupted. In order to reinstate interpreter services, the student must meet with the Disability Services Coordinator and draw up a contract covering the new terms of interpreting. If the student continues to be absent without notification or does not follow the terms of the contract, services may be discontinued.

The student will receive written notification from the Coordinator TDS that the accommodation has been discontinued. The student must petition to the Coordinator of TDS to obtain reinstatement of interpreters.