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Role of the ODS

The Louisiana Tech University Department of Testing & Disability Services (TDS) is committed to facilitating the self-advocacy of students with disabilities in order to experience full participation in all activities, programs, and services of the university. TDS serves as a resource center for the university community and acts as a liaison between students and faculty, as well as with community agencies. TDS functions to provide information, reasonable accommodations, and other assistance to students and applicants at Louisiana Tech University. Services provided through TDS are open to students with qualifying documented learning, physical, or psychological disabilities.

TDS operates under the principle that no qualified student or applicant for student status shall, on the basis of disability, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity which the university sponsors or operates. It also serves to ensure that benefits and services to individuals with disabilities are provided in the most integrated setting appropriate to the person's needs and are equally as effective or equivalent to those provided to other university students.

For more information on services provided by the Department of Testing & Disability Services, please contact Andy Butterfield, Coordinator of Disability Services, by phone at (318) 257-4221 or by e-mail at tds@latech.edu. You may also contact Stacy Lolley, Director of Testing & Disability Services at tds@latech.edu.