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Louisiana Tech University

Testing & Disability Services

In order to receive services from Disability Services, students must provide appropriate documentation. The following list explains what Louisiana Tech University considers as sufficient documentation.

A written report must be submitted to Disability Services. The following criteria must be included in the report:

  • Diagnostic documentation that is current within three years.
  • Diagnosis with specific evidence of a disability.
  • Symptoms of the disability (a detailed description of how the disability affects the student).
  • Test scores that support a medical, cognitive, or learning disability.
  • Medications and any adverse effects.
  • Recommendations regarding necessary accommodations the student will need.
  • Appropriate documentation for any type of physical disability.

Louisiana Tech University will accept documentation from the following case-appropriate professionals:

  • Licensed Psychologist
  • Medical Doctor
  • Neurologist
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Physical/Occupational Therapist
  • Psychiatrist
  • School Psychologist
  • Speech Pathologist/Audiologist

 TDS does not accept the following documentation:

  1. 504, IEPs or Education Plans will not provide us with all of the information we need unless signed by a licensed medical professional; however, these do provide helpful supplemental information. 
  2. We do not accept a doctor's order from a doctor's pad. We require that anything submitted by a doctor be put on official letterhead.

Upon submitting your documents, the Disability Services Committee will meet to determine appropriate accommodations. If additional documentation is necessary, you will be notified by the committee.

When registering at our office, you are welcome to come by so that we may personally meet with you and a family member. Upon your arrival, we will have you fill out some standard paper work. You will be asked to fill out a release form that enables our access to necessary information and a form that grants consent for the office to contact a family member if necessary.

Testing & Disability Services strives to assist you in obtaining the accommodations you need to assure your academic success. If you require additional assistance, please come by our office or contact us at any time.

Testing & Disability Services
318 Wyly Tower, P.O. Box 3009
Ruston, LA 71272
Office: 318-257-4221
Fax: 318-257-2969