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Major Fields Test (MFT)

The Major Field Tests are used by colleges, and universities to measure student academic achievement and growth, and to assess the educational outcomes of their programs. In addition, they are used by faculty measuring the progress of their students. The tests also provide students with an assessment of their own level of achievement within a field of study.


The Major Field Tests are based on the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) Subject Tests. They have been shortened, made less difficult than the GRE tests, pre-tested with college seniors, and revised to be appropriate for all seniors majoring in a field (not just those planning graduate study as is the case with the GRE tests).

Test Content

In additional to factual knowledge, the tests evaluate students' ability to analyze and solve problems, understand relationships, and interpret material. They may contain questions that require interpretation of graphs, diagrams, and charts based on material related to the field.

Length of Test

All subjects are computer based and are two hours in length.

Test Administration

The tests are usually administered during the senior year when students have completed the majority of the courses in their major. At the instruction of the academic dean or advisor, appointments should be made no later than one month before graduation; however, it is permissible to take the exam anytime in the students senior year. Appointments are made by calling, 318-257-4882.


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