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Our campus has four apartment complexes: University Park Phase 1, University Park Phase 2, Park Place, and Legacy Park. The apartment complexes allow students to enjoy the conveniences of living on campus while enjoying greater independence.  Caruthers, Thatcher, and Neilson Commons are located closest to the Lambright Intramural Center.  Sutton and Kidd Commons are located closest to the J.C. Love baseball field.  Park Place is located across the pedestrian bridge, closest to Prescott Library and University Hall.  Legacy Park is located off of Homer Street and California Avenue near Nethken and Graham Halls.

University Park Phase 1

University Park Phase 1 consists of thirteen three-story buildings with one-hundred 2 bedroom/1 bathroom apartments and sixty-two 4 bedroom/2 bathroom apartments.  Phase 1 consists of Caruthers A, B, & C, Thatcher, Sutton and Kidd Commons.  Each apartment includes the following:

There are community laundry rooms located within Thatcher Commons and Sutton Commons.  The cost to wash is $0.75 per load and to dry is $0.75 per load.

University Park Phase 2

University Park Phase 2 consists of five three-story brick buildings with forty 2 bedroom/1 bathroom and twenty 4 bedroom/2 bathroom apartments.  Phase 2 consists of Caruthers D and Neilson Commons.  Each apartment includes the following:students studying in the apartments

This complex also has a grassy quad area that has permanent grills in place for students to utilize, as grills are not permitted within apartments.  

Park Place

Park Place consists of fourteen three-story brick buildings with eighty-three 2 bedroom/1 bathroom apartments, forty-four 4 bedroom/2 bathroom apartments and six partially furnished 1 bedroom studio apartments.  Park Place consists of Jenkins, McFarland, and Hutcheson Commons.  Each apartment includes the following:

Each apartment faces a shared courtyard within each commons, which is utilized by staff members to host various programming opportunities for residents.  

Legacy Park

Legacy Park consists of six three-story buildings with ten townhomes, which are 4 bedroom/8 residents apartments, and forty-nine 2 bedroom/4 residents apartments.  Legacy Park consists of Pearce A, B, and C and Harper A, B, and C.  Each apartment includes the following:Legacy Park room

Residents of Legacy Park are unable to reserve a space in Legacy Park for the next year, as it is designated for our freshmen residents only.


Residential Life employs an Apartment Manager and Resident Assistants to help students living in the apartments by supervising maintenance requests, maintaining a safe environment within the apartments, and providing programming for residents to get to know one another, as well as assisting with various resident concerns.  University Park consists of an Apartment Manager and five Resident Assistants.  University Park staff members reside in Neilson D 102, Kidd C 202, and Caruthurs D 101.  Park Place consists of an Apartment Manager and three Resident Assistants.  Park Place staff members reside in McFarland B 301. Our newest on campus apartment complex, Legacy Park, is staffed by an Apartment Manager and three Resident Assistants. Legacy Park staff members reside in Pearce B 101 and Harper A 101.  Residents are encouraged to seek out a staff member should they need any assistance while residing in the campus apartments.  Information related to which staff members are on duty at specific times is emailed to residents in the beginning of each quarter and can be found posted on the doors of the staff apartments, which are listed above.

Lease Release Information

At any time throughout the year that a student desires to break a lease, a lease release form needs to be completed and submitted.  The Office of Residential Life will begin accepting lease release forms up to one month prior to the end of the quarter and up until the first day of classes for the new quarter.  Approval or denial of a lease release does not grant a student off campus approval.  A committee meets to approve or deny lease releases (typically on Mondays of each week, as needed).  The student will be notified of the committee's decision by email per the address listed on the lease release form.  In the event that a student is denied, the student may opt to cancel their lease for the next quarter by moving out of the apartment and paying a cancellation fee equal to one quarter's room rent.  Again, this option does not grant off campus approval.  Off campus approval forms should be submitted to the Office of Student Life. 

Lease release forms may be obtained from the Residential Life office during business hours.

Map of University Park and Park Place Apartment Locations

map of apartment locations