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FAQs - General

Are the residence halls co-ed?
None of the residence halls on Louisiana Tech’s campus are co-ed.  The University Park and Park Place apartments house both male and female students, but only students of the same sex may reside in the same apartment.  

When do the residence halls open?
Typically for Fall quarter check-ins are scheduled for the first week of September.  You will be notified of the official check-in dates when you receive your assignment letter. 

What can I expect on opening day?
First, you’ll need to go to the lobby of your assigned building to check in.  During this time you will complete all the necessary paperwork and be issued keys for your room.  While checking in, parents may wish to stay with your vehicle and begin unloading.  Once you’ve been issued a key, you can begin moving into your room.  Residential Life staff will be available to assist you and answer any questions.

What type of activities will be available for students during the first few weeks of school?
The move-in period and first week of classes are a special time for all incoming students, staff members, and returning Louisiana Tech students.  Residence hall staff will be planning floor and hall activities so students can become familiar with other residents within their community.  The University sponsors Welcome Week for all incoming students with organized events every day.  You will receive information at check-in detailing these events.

Who is responsible for a student’s property?
The student.  Although precaution is taken to maintain adequate security, the University cannot assume the responsibility for the loss of or damage to your possessions.  Consult your family’s homeowner insurance policy to potentially add your personal items.  We also encourage you to record all serial numbers for expensive items so that, if something comes up missing, the police will have a better chance of locating the item(s).

Is smoking allowed in the residence halls/apartments?
Smoking is NOT allowed in any campus residence hall, apartment, or building.  All residence halls and apartments, including student rooms, are smoke-free.  Smoking is allowed on the common grounds twenty-five (25) feet beyond any building entrance/exit.

What kind of pets can I keep in my room or apartment?
Students may keep fish in a single 10 gallon or smaller tank.  All other animals or pets are not allowed within the residence halls or apartments.

What appliances are allowed in the room?
Appliances should be limited to TV’s, 700 watt microwaves or less, 4.3 cubic feet or smaller refrigerators, radios, stereos, clocks and hair care devices.  Basically, appliances with an open heating element or burner and/or those that may cause ventilation problems are not permitted in students’ rooms.  Be sure to print off our  “Things to Bring Checklist”(PDF) for more details on what you can and cannot bring to campus.

What about alcohol and drugs in the residence halls or apartments?
Under no circumstance can a student have alcohol or drugs in the residence halls or apartments.

My son/daughter was supposed to call me when they got back to school but I haven’t heard from them!  Can you help?
Please contact the front desk of their residence hall.  Front Desk telephone numbers are listed on our Contact page.  The parent can also call the Residential Life office front desk Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm.

How can I apply to be a Resident Assistant (RA)?
Any student wanting to be an RA will need to register for the Counseling 201 class.  You can get more information from any RA, Hall Director, or Coordinator.

How do I apply for an apartment?
The application for Residential Life makes you eligible to move into an apartment at any time during your stay on our campus. There is NOT a separate application for residence halls and apartments.

Are freshmen assigned into the apartments?
Yes. We have designated apartments for athletics, engineering, honors, ROTC, and National Merit scholars. Incoming freshmen can be assigned into these apartments if awarded spaces from these groups. Also, once our current students have had the opportunity to choose an apartment during our spring quarter reservation process, we will open up any available spaces to incoming freshmen. At this point, freshmen will be assigned to the apartments based on their rank on the priority list.

What is the priority list?
The priority list is a roster of students who have applied for housing and is listed in order of the student's most recent housing application date. We begin accepting applications on October 1st for the upcoming school year, so the sooner a student applies, the higher up on the list his/her name appears. The priority list is used in assigning incoming freshmen into the apartments as well as during our spring reservation process for the upcoming fall quarter to give those highest on the list preference over others. The priority list is rarely used during the school year to award apartment spaces because open spaces are fair game to any student currently living on campus at any time.

How is a student contacted when his/her name comes up on the priority list?
Students are contacted via their Tech email address and given a specified time to respond. When this happens, spaces are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. If a student does not respond or is not interested at the time, future spaces will be offered to those students further down on the list.

If a space comes open in my apartment during the school year, can I request a roommate of my choice?
Yes. If a roommate is released from his lease, graduates, or leaves the university, an email will be sent to all roommates of that apartment asking for a roommate request. The email well be sent to your Tech email address. A resident is given 48 hours to choose a roommate. If none of the current roommates have a roommate request, a roommate will be assigned into that space based on either the priority list or response to inquiries for apartments.

How are students assigned to the apartments when a space opens up during the academic year?
First, residents occupying the apartment, where the space is available, are given 48 hours from the time they are contacted to choose a roommate. If they do not have a roommate request by that time, the space is available to any student who currently lives on campus and wants to move into an apartment. If a student comes by our office inquiring about an apartment and a space is open at that time, the student could choose to move into that available apartment. The priority list is only used as a last effort to fill theses paces during the year.

How can I get out of my lease once I have checked into my apartment?
In order to get out of your lease, you must complete a lease release application, which can be picked up from the Residential Life office. The committee reviewing the lease release applications usually meets on Mondays. The decision of the committee will be emailed to the student along with directions on how to check out if the lease release was approved or how to appeal the decision further if the lease release was denied. A lease release MUST be approved before a student can apply to live off-campus.