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Can I stay in the residence halls during breaks?
Residence halls remain open during most breaks for those students who receive prior approval to stay on campus. Prior to the break, there will be signs placed in the halls to let you know of the hall closing procedures as well as emails sent to your Tech email address. Sign-ups for break will only be allowed during an advertised time frame. If you request to stay after this time has passed, you will incur a $100 late charge.

The following instances may be granted approval, provided that all necessary documentation is presented:

o Student employment on or off campus
• You will need a memo on letterhead from your employer including your name and required work schedule.

o International student or student whose home is outside a 500 mile radius
• You will need a copy of your BOSS screen with home address and a MapQuest map to your home address verifying distance.

o Educational requirements mandating that student remain on campus while the University is officially closed
• You will need a memo on letterhead from your department head/advisor detailing circumstances requiring your stay. This memo should include your CWID number.

o Student athletic obligation
• You will need a memo on letterhead from your athletic group including your name and CWID number detailing length of stay.

Any other requests may be directed to your hall's Coordinator during specified dates and times that will be advertised prior to the break. If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Residential Life at (318) 257-4917 or at housing@latech.edu.

Your personal belongings remain in the room during the breaks and do not have to be moved out until either you check out of the residence hall or leave the campus for Summer break. If you live in one of the apartment complexes on campus, you do not need to get approval to stay during the break.

What is your policy with room decorations?
Room decorations are to be in the interior of your room and may not extend into the hallway. You cannot hang items from the ceiling. You may not decorate with any type of alcohol paraphernalia (such as empty alcohol bottles, alcohol brand signs, or shot glasses) or illegal road signs. Staff may ask you to remove door decorations deemed explicit or derogatory. Items that leave adhesive marks on the walls or large holes in the walls as well as the use of contact paper or glue to adhere things to the wall or closets of the rooms are prohibited. If damages result, appropriate charges will be assessed.  If you live in the apartments, you should refer to the lease agreement.

If I'm dropping below full-time status, do I have to move out?
No. You may live on campus as long as you are enrolled in at least one class. If, at any time you drop all classes, you will need to check out.

How do disciplinary sanctions affect my housing?
You can be evicted from an apartment at any time that you break the lease agreement but must continue to pay the apartment rent until the end of the signed lease agreement.  If you receive a disciplinary sanction within Residential Life, you will be given an appointment with the Judicial Review Board of peers or with the Director of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity in regards to the sanction. You may be given community service hours, a referral to counseling services, academic probation, a restriction of visitation within the halls, or an eviction.

What is the Noise Policy?
Noise, which is disruptive to other residents, is prohibited both inside and outside of the residence halls. Excessive noise at any hour is not acceptable. At no time should yelling in the hallway or out the windows be tolerated.
Dead Week is the week of final exams during the quarter. During this time, you can immediately be written up without warning for being loud or disruptive. Signs will be posted to make you aware of these policies during the week of final exams.

How do I request a work order for something in my room to be repaired?
Immediately notify the Resident Assistant or Hall Director to request that a work order be submitted detailing the reason for the request. Be patient, as it may take a few days to get to your request. If it has been longer than 3 days since you turned in the work order, please notify your RA again or contact your coordinator.  You may also submit a work order for your hall by calling our Building Services at 318-257-4038.

I need to move in before the halls officially open, is this possible?
You are allowed to move in early if you are a part of a university-approved group or team that requests these accommodations by the deadline and have been approved by the Department of Residential Life. The Department or Advisor should submit a list of the students along with their CWID#. You can ONLY check-in during the date and time given to the group.
If you do not fall into this category, you can only move in early, as approved by the Residential Life office. However, you will be charged $25 per night to stay in your residence hall room or $35 per night to stay in your apartment. Charges are assessed from the day of check-in until the day that the halls officially open. Residential Life will only allow you to check-in early after a specific date in August. Please check with the Residential Life office to learn of the earliest possible date to move in.

*We strongly encourage you to wait until the halls officially open because our student staff is limited and is participating in their own training conference prior to official check-ins. Also, food services are not available at that time, and there are no activities for you to attend.

May I paint my room or apartment?
All roommates must agree to a room color and submit a painting contract for approval, which can be picked up from the Residential Life office.  A swatch of the requested painting color must be attached to the contract.  Coordinators will approve or disapprove requested painting colors (Dark colors are not permitted).  Apartments may not be painted.  Residents may contact our office two weeks prior to the residence halls opening to set up a painting time, should he/she be interested.  We will have a small window of dates/times open for students who wish to paint their rooms prior to check-ins.  Students will not be given a key to paint but will be given access to his/her room for a short period of time to paint.  Students may not move anything in during this painting week.

Residence halls close at noon the day after classes end each quarter. Are there exceptions to stay longer?
Students who have extenuating circumstances that would make it difficult or impossible to move out by the day after classes end for the quarter should consult their Coordinator.  Charges may apply to the extensions.

Can I have a guest and overnight guests?
You can have a guest spend the night as long as it is the same sex of the student that is assigned to that specific room or apartment. The same guest is only allowed to stay up to three times per quarter. All guests must be accompanied by their host at all times. Hosts are responsible for the behavior of their guests.

How do I appeal a charge I received from Residential Life?
The student may file a written appeal with the Director of Residential Life.

What do I do if a washing machine or dryer breaks in the laundry room?
The student should let their Resident Assistant know about the issue and a work order will be written to have the machine fixed.

What do I do if I lose my keys?
If you lose your keys, you are responsible for the cost of changing the locks. Tell your Resident Assistant if you lose your key and they will write a work order. It is a violation of state law and University policy to duplicate a key to any lock on University property. A Residential Life staff member can ask to see your key at any time if they suspect you have lost it.

Are Freshmen required to live on campus?
All unmarried, full-time, undergraduate students are required to reside on campus as long as space is available. Applications for exemption from the on-campus residency requirements may be obtained from the Office of Student Life. Residence hall accommodations are operated on a room and board plan: All undergraduate students living on-campus must pay for both services.

When and how should I apply for housing?
The Department of Residential Life begins accepting applications for incoming Freshmen on October 15th of the calendar year prior to that student's Fall enrollment. Applications may be completed online or may be submitted by mail.  The online application will go "live" on October 15th at 9am.  Students who apply between October 15th and January 15th will receive priority housing.  This means that this student will be given one of his/her top three housing options, as space permits.

What utilities are included in the rent?
Electricity, water, air-conditioning and heating, cable television, and one data connection per student. Residence halls have custodial service that clean the public areas and community bathrooms. Residential Life staff does not clean student rooms or the inside of the University Park and Park Place apartments.

What if I need to cancel my housing assignment?
If you need to cancel your housing assignment, you must notify Residential Life in writing (letter, fax, or e-mail). The application fee of $150 is not refundable at any time.

Is summer housing available?
Yes, on campus summer housing is available each summer. In order to be eligible you must be enrolled in university classes. Students may reside in University Park and Park Place apartments during the summer quarter without being enrolled in classes, provided they have signed a 12 month lease and can provide proof of enrollment for fall.