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Residence Halls

How do I get cable in my room?
Each room is equipped with one cable jack. Basic “Extended” cable TV service is provided and is included in your housing fee. Televisions and cable cords are not provided so make sure to bring your own.

How do I get internet access in my room?
You and your roommate each have an Ethernet port for access to the University’s high speed internet. Internet access is available through the computing center. In order to gain access to this service, you must have a Louisiana Tech assigned email account. You will need to bring your own Ethernet cord to be able to connect to the internet in your residence hall or apartment. Wireless internet is available in various non-residential locations around campus.

Can I bring any extra furniture?
You are allowed to bring extra furniture.  HOWEVER, any furniture that is Louisiana Tech property (bed frames, mattresses, chairs, etc) MUST STAY IN THE ROOM/APARTMENT AND CANNOT LEAVE CAMPUS. Louisiana Tech does not provide storage for extra items. Everything that you bring must fit into your room.

Can I bring a refrigerator or a microwave to the residence hall?
Yes, you may bring your own refrigerator and microwave to campus but they must fit the regulations. Refrigerators must be no larger than 4.3 cubic feet and microwaves can be no larger than 700 watts. This is to promote the safety of our residents from electrical fires.

What are the standard bed sizes?
In the traditional residence hall, the bed is a regular twin bed. Residential Life provides a limited number of extra long mattresses that can be requested by contacting our office at (318) 257-4917 several weeks before Fall check-ins.  Students requesting an extra long mattress must be at least six foot and four inches and provide a copy of their driver's license to verify.  In University Park and Park Place apartments, the bed is a standard full size.

Are vacuums, brooms, and cooking utensils provided in the residence hall?
Vacuums and brooms are available through your RA. Cooking utensils are not provided.

What furniture is included?
Each room includes: a bed, a chair, a desk, drawers, and a closet for each resident. Please click on Hall Description for further details for your residence hall or the on-campus apartments.

Where should I park my bicycle?
Bicycles are only allowed in bike racks. Bicycle racks are available in various locations across campus. It is a safety code violation if placed in any other location. You must register your bike with the Louisiana Tech Traffic Office.

Do the residence halls have laundry facilities?
Each hall/apartment has assigned laundry rooms for the residents to use. The machines are $0.75 to wash and $0.75 to dry. These can either be paid in quarters or by Tech Express. Please contact the Tech Express office to find out how to apply money to your account. Some apartments have a washer and dryer located within the apartment, which can be used at no additional charge.

What should I leave at home?
DO NOT BRING: coffee pots, candles, any pets except fish, guns, firearms, illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia, alcohol or alcohol paraphernalia, space heaters and any item with open heating elements. Please refer to the “Things to Bring" checklist for a detailed list of items that are not allowed in the residence halls.   

How often are rooms cleaned?
Students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms.  Our custodial staff does daily (M-F) cleaning of common bathrooms, lounges, and other public areas as well as light cleaning on the weekends.

Are there elevators in the halls?
Harper is the only residence hall with elevators.

Will my room be carpeted?
Mitchell is the only residence hall that has carpeted rooms. The bedrooms in University Park and Park Place are also carpeted.