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graham lockers in basementA living learning community provides students with a unique opportunity to connect their classroom experience with residential life. Here at Louisiana Tech we believe that "Living is Learning" and what better way to do that than connecting students with similar academic and personal interest. Students who participate in an LLC are often more satisfied with their college experience and found that living in an LLC made it much easier to make connections with other students. If you would like to participate in an LLC you must first submit your housing application, application fee, and indicate the desired LLC as your first preference. Space is limited so make your commitment early. An LLC is a gateway for freshman to build lasting connections that blend their on-campus living experience with their coursework. 



Living Learning Communities at Louisiana Tech:

Graham Hall (male) - College of Engineering and Science

Park Place (male and female) - Honors College (all assignments are made by the Honors College. Students are advised to express interest with Dr. Simmons.)