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New Housing Options

The new phase of housing development includes 880 total beds of replacement student housing in the southwest quadrant of campus.  New construction will provide 604 suite beds featuring semi-private rooms, family amenities and gathering areas for each group of 8 students, and a shared commons area with kitchen, lounge area and exterior patio for living communities of 42 students.  This community-based structure will provide unique options to integrate freshmen into campus culture, support healthy relationship development with peers, and allow housing staff to effectively engage with individual students.

map of new housing location

Proposed new commons locations

floor plan of residential suites

With a similar commitment to community, the proposed 276 apartment style beds will also provide semi-private room accommodations with shared living spaces for each group of 4 students.  In addition, a limited number of featured townhouses for 8 will facilitate mentoring opportunities for upperclassmen to engage with freshmen in a true live learn environment.  Apartment proximity to the campus engineering complex will further enhance the live learn possibilities of this prime housing option.

Floor Plan of Apartments

A look at the townhomes

Inside the townhomes

Completion of almost 200 apartment style beds is projected for Fall 2017, with remaining apartment style beds and residential suites slated to be completed in January 2018 and August 2018.  This means that we will have new apartment style beds for Fall 2017 that are specifically designated for our incoming freshmen!  Please note that these apartments are two bedrooms and one bath, in which two students share a room for a total of four residents per apartment.  Visit our Facebook page for updates on this new housing project!

Campus gateway picture

Picture of campus model

picture of commons

Look at Adams Boulevard

A look at California Ave